Scuse me, can I have a minute…


So what is this? Being ‘in-between jobs’ and waiting for a visa can lead to a lot of spare time… there’s only so many episodes of Will and Grace I can watch and having caught up on Game of Thrones what else am I meant to do?

My BGFF (Best Gay Friend Forever) Gareth writes a blog GTV… some say he blogs a bit too much others say its very thorough much like his preparation for sex… always clean and confident he tells me!… regardless he has inspired me to take up the torch of blogging on this side of the pond… My aims of this blog is to cover the following topics:

– Trends/#s
– Be the unofficial voice of the Toronto Triggerfish who I will blog about as the ‘Tronno Triggerfish’ to avoid any misdemeanors and inappropriateness
– A port and ambassador to unite the League of Global Gay Waterpolo
– Fashion
– K/C/J Pop
– Food and plenty of it
– General questions in life

So lets see how this goes… I’m a 27 (26a) year old austragaysian living in Toronto having lived in London, UK for 2 years… I am always on the search for stardom to occur but passively … it will just happen… i can feel it in my waters…

Hope you enjoy what you read…



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