‘Shoulder’ Gone to that Exercise Class

Calling all Toronto Triggerfish

Shoulder Pain? Weak Shoulders? Interested in strengthening and avoiding injury?

2012/13 is the year of the Shoulder (Will and Grace discovered this on S3 E19 ‘Poker? I Don’t Even Like Her’ in 2000. Fashion always comes full circle #justsayin)

Waterpolo is extremely demanding on your shoulders which is why you need to look after them (even more than your face #Gregthismeansyou).

We (Ming and Steven) are offering a 4 week program (once a week), circuit based, 60 minute exercise class for $15/per class (Maximum 4 to a class, therefore a 2:1 Student:Instructor ratio)

Exercises will help improve rotator cuff strength/function as well as incorporating shoulder stability and functional exercises specifically for water polo

Contact either Steven Bereznai- Accredited Pilates Instructor and Shoulder Injury Survivor 2009 (steven.bereznai@gmail.com) or Ming Yao- BSc (Physiotherapy) and Shoulder Enthusiast/Admirer since 2006 (shihming.y@gmail.com)

Book your spot now, to begin ASAP, times to be determined based on participants availability


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