Global Tight Ass Tuesdays (TAT)

*NB: to get these images I had to take my Google Search Mode off: NON RESTRICTED… got too distracted searching ‘gay+hot+tight+ass’


Being a Tuesday, and although already off to a good start (waking up at 10am and realising my visa had been approved! yippee!)… I realised that today is a TUESDAY!!…

I wished Steven ‘Happy Tight-Ass Tuesday (TAT)’ to which he replied
‘what the?!?…’
‘you know Tight Ass Tuesday, where things are generally cheaper on a Tuesday i.e. movies or waffles?… no?…  you don’t?… do you?’
‘oh’ he replied… ‘so things are cheaper?!… not? tighter? *le sigh*’
‘yes! gawsh!’ *gives disgruntled look* ‘so is there anything here in Toronto thats cheap on a Tuesday?’
‘well, movies at Rainbow Cinemas are $5!’
‘nice!… good to know’

Back in Perth, before I left, waffles at Gelarè were half price! an Asian’s delight!… you get to eat TWICE as much for the SAME PRY (price)!… almost as good as the Thai line, ‘you blin flen i make chip!’ (translation: you bring a friend and I’ll make it cheaper)… Notice how its not ‘Wow I SAVE 50% ‘ its more ‘I CAN EAT MORE for the same price!’ #asianmentality… and movies were also discounted 🙂

In London, people who have signed up with Orange also get 2 for 1 deals… kinda a good idea if you’re a TIGHT-ASS but wanna go on a date but don’t want to end up at Nandos… I don’t get that!? or Pizza Express… WHY!? HOW IS THAT IMPRESSIVE!? unless you were a 16 year old girl that carries her change in a Hello Kitty coin purse and the guy you were dating was extremely hot and had hit puberty early and was pretty much a man child?!?!?…

My question to the world is WHAT OTHER CHEAP DEALS ARE THERE IN YOUR COUNTRY (but especially Toronto)… and is this phenomenon of TAT A GLOBAL THING? PLEASE POST COMMENTS ON WHAT TAT DEALS YOU HAVE! 😀

Apologies to those who have searched ‘tight+ass’ and this has come up… however enjoy the soft core porn!


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