My Blogging ‘Sister’

My inspiration for this blog has come from none other than my BGFF, Gareth…

He’s been blogging on the GTV/London Orca blog site for as long as I’ve known him and he does a damn good job of it!… everything a gay man would want to know… diets,where to eat in london, movies, bars, clubs, travel you name it, he’s done it… probably

I’ve proposed to him that we do a bit of blogging banter… much like sisters would bicker with one another in a family regarding who didn’t put away the new set of rollers (Gareth has a shaved head)!… He’ll be my blogging OLDER sister… teach me about boys, hashtags, how to increase traffic, what works for him, what doesn’t work for him (all in relation to blogging obviously)… it’ll be fun!…

Our main goal is to somehow increase awareness of the Global Gay Waterpolo League… If anyone from other gay water polo teams around the world are reading this lets see if we can start something up…

TNYA? Melbourne Surge? Sydney Stingers? Copenhagen Mermates? GSA (Gay Swim Amsterdam)? Manchester Sharks? Moseley Shoals? SF Tsunami? Chicago Riptide? Boston Wetsox? Atlanta Rainbow Trout? WeHo?

This is a family picture of us with our other sisters, Joe and Sads etc before we all got sent to different families and decided to be proud gay men… some people don’t believe us… dunno why?!


say something witty/enlightening/funny

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