Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 30/09/12

Ok, so firstly this is an UNOFFICIAL training report for the ‘Tronno Triggerfish’… the views expressed here ARE NOT a reflection or an official form of correspondence of the water polo club known as the Toronto Triggerfish nor are the the views here meant to be taken in a malice light, rather in jest!… these are purely my own reflections and observations… please don’t hire a hit man if you have an issue… but feel free to talk behind my back, as long as they are all compliments and warm fuzzies 🙂

So, a Sunday night in Toronto… training at U of T pool on Spadina Ave… looked like a pretty busy night (~60 fish) what with a fresh intake of triggerfish all eagerly turning up ready to get put through their paces

FASHION POLICE TIP: appropriate attire for water polo is speedos NOT board shorts this allows for maximum SKINPLIFYING and oogling

… comparing London Orca’s newbies to the Tronno Triggerfish newbie intake, my initial observation is that Tronno has hotter new people… there I said it!… If you were counting abs I’m pretty sure Tronno would win, if you were counting pecs I’m pretty sure Tronno would win… if you were making a running total of waist lines…we’d have find out what the ‘p’ value was…

Training was broken up into Coach Christie’s ‘torture chamber’ of whistle blowing and change of direction, general leg work and personal self motivated change of direction work… this was followed by shots from the arc varying between passing and shooting and taking on tempo shots…

During this time hole squad… did stuff… with their… holes?… i really don’t know… *gives confused uneducated look* I call it a pit!

Drama unfolded with Greg exiting the pool clutching his eye… I enjoyed watching Greg’s over dramatic performance of writhing on pool deck… i liken it to this youtube … Story is that it was all Steven’s fault, could’ve easily turned to the left INTO OPEN WATER but decided the right was more appealing… alas Greg’s modelling career is now over…

Scrimmage was quick and fast paced with plenty of subs… in the end water polo was the winner of the night!

Off to the pub for mingling, drinks and a bite :)… plenty of time for people to work their angles… will they choose to be brooding non conversational cool player?, or overly friendly warm chatty player? who knows… will romance blossom between anyone?

Special mention must go to Tatum and his ‘Blackground’… *awkward silence*… 😛

My current issue as a new member of the team is that there are too many people in the club that look similar… My personal thought is that there must be a fight to the death of each paring in order to keep the equilibrium right in the team… who would win between Steven vs Sean? Dillon vs newbie Jason? Michael vs Daniel? I am already making arsenic laced wantons to give to Tai and Ken! 🙂 shhhhh no one tell them!

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed here are not affiliated or official views of the Toronto Triggerfish


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