Aural Sex: One Direction- Live While We’re Young

I am a self proclaimed Directioner (a One Direction Fan) and sadly after watching Justine Beiber’s movie on the plane trip from Singapore to London a Belieber… Sad really… anyhoo…

As people will know One Direction is a UK boy band from the product of X-Factor UK in 2010, 5 young boys aged between 18-20 years old, of course all straight, breaking hearts of young girls/women/mums and old girls/women/mums and questioning men and gay men around the world… my heart belongs to louis tomlinson… i’m gonna find eleanor calder his girlfriend of present and push her into a muddy ditch…

their new song ‘Live While We’re Young’ has just been released and has already had over 40 million views (as of Wednesday 3/10/12 17:12)… as a song… i <3… as a video clip I will point out the ‘flaws’ which I have observed… yet deep down still <3…

– Firstly did everyone except Harry go to the same hairdresser for a new hairstyle?… Zayn being a bit zany perhaps thought a splash of colour would distinguish him from the others… I got news for you! I HAD IT BEFORE YOU and I’ve moved on!!… next thing you’ll be doing is dying your hair blonde!!… can nobody see it?? nobody?? *le sigh*

– 0:17… 5 boys coming out of a tent at the same time??? rumour has it… I just imagine from behind this is what it looks like… if they were obviously all dressed in denim

– Usually music videos take the artist to some exotic location… waters are crystal clear and blue… not Hampstead Heath Men’s Ponds 😛



– I love the chorus lyric: ‘I know we only met but let’s pretend it’s love, And never, never, never stop for anyone, Tonight let’s get some, And live while we’re young’… And this frivolous sexual behaviour is how teen pregnancy and polygamy is on the rise along with STDs… #justsayin

– Is one armed elbow flexion and extension rhythmically in time considered dancing and choreography?? Please bring back some true boy band choreography ala BSB and NKOTB

– WOW!!!… need we say more??… Harry the rainbow family welcomes you with open arms 🙂

– Ok, I know they are only 18, 19 or 20 but we are all consenting adults here… so from 2:14 starts the cheap and shallow crowd pleasing WET T-SHIRT COMPETITION begins!!… but really so shallow… it’d be like posting photos of guys in wet t-shirts and then making tags like ‘gay+wet+t-shirt+hunk’ just to get more views of this blog!!

In conclusion: I still like the song! no doubt will be a hit in the UK!… and with a video clip like this how can you NOT love it!… still a Directioner for now…


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