Nipples of the Face- Fashion- Chanel SS2013

From my favourite movie “the House Bunny” i was reminded recently that the ‘eyes are the nipples of the face’ hence anything visual will be classified under this heading…

So my general take on fashion, for starters is that I’m definitely NOT an expert… I like to act like one but I know that I ain’t… Everyone has an opinion on fashion, of course you can, its your own taste… It’s just like how everyone has an opinion on how do they get the fortune inside the fortune cookie… an age old question that causes more debate than if I’m a natural blonde or not… anyhoo…  fashion to me is a reflex… you either like it or hate it… if it takes you 5 minutes to decide if you like it then you’re taking too long and you actually initially hated it!… I’m a judgemental person, I know I am, I’m working on trying not to be (in a half arsed way) but I am… fashion is a judgemental industry… its visceral… LOVE OR HATE!… thats how it goes… purse your lips like Miranda Preistly or give it a nod… it ain’t 50 shades of grey!… If i’m writing about it I obviously love it!

… here is my break down of the Chanel SS2013 collection recently held in Paris at Grand Palais…

Chanel SS 2013

– Amazing catwalk, as always… white modern windmills being generated by massive amounts of French electricity (probably a furness of burning croissants)… hrmmms..
– Oversized pearl necklaces (any man would be jealous to create something like this organically :P) and accessories… verdict: LOVE!
– Shimmery eye make up that matches the clothes… shimmer is NOT glitter! this worked well… verdict: LOVE!
– Tiny stick thin women under giant windmills that would most likely blow them off the cat walk if functional…
– The MOST UN-SUNSMART floppy hats ever invented!… verdict: LOVE cause they are ridiculous
– Amazing walk-ography… walking + choreography= walk-ography… not to be confused with japanese precision walking
– Is Karl Lagerfeld the inventor of the Piano Key Necktie… wait, that’s Mugatu… Cut to the end for Karl’s novelty size necktie… hilair

2:06- beauty comes in different shapes and sizes… but I don’t understand what happened here, what is that?
2:53- why are you allowed smile? no one else is
4:16- please don’t tell me that ears like these are in… i JUST got my gap fixed and now its back in fashion…
4:48-5:05- asian invasion- did the asian model just do a lil bob bow?
6:40- shows the biggest novelty size handbag ever!… you could put a lot of tic tacs in that- hot bathing suit
8:14- a classier version of the early 90s woollen jumpers made into a cute sweater dress from the souvenir shop in Perth sold next to the G’day WA t-shirts
9:07- mz grumpy-face
10:06- My my, At Waterloo Napoleon did surrender, Oh yeah, And I have met my destiny in quite a similar way. (


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