Nipples of the Face: Alexander McQueen SS2013

I recently decided that with so much time on my hands that I will become a bee-keeper and sell my honey at a farmers market… they are sooooo on trend right now #organic #farmersmarket…

Sarah Burton, head designer at Alexander McQueen has further inspired me with her fashion show in Paris this past week… however I am a bit confuzzled if what she has shown will be appropriate for my new found ‘hobby’… shall we compare, contrast, deduce and decide?

What Bees DO NOT Like
Bees do not like the smell of gin or beer
– The smell of leather upsets bees

Dressing to be a Bee Keeper
– Anything that makes you look brown and furry is a bad thing
– A veil is a MUST
– The protective wear is usually of a light colour and NOT COLOURFUL
– Ensure that your trousers and jacket are bee tight as you will be bending over a lot
– Never buy second hand bee keeping clothing, according to the Twickenham and Thames Bee Keeping Association quote ‘Flares, skirts and ‘liberating your belly button’ are thus ‘unwise’’
– Head and neck are the most important areas to protect when bee keeping
– Gloves are optional, experienced bee keepers opt for no gloves as it allows for extra dexterity
– According to Wikipedia your first line of defence in not getting stung is knowledge…pffft… balls!

Lets have a look at some images to clarify the points above

This will offend a bee… but not a gay man…

Anything that makes you look brown and furry is bad… point taken…

A veil is a MUST- Tick! well done Sarah Burton…
ORDER ME 12… one for each month of the year!

Colours should be neutral NOT bright… this is perfect!
This is NOT…its like a bee keepers lingerie outfit! Perfect for role-playing in the boudoir!

stings all over your thighs, arms, shoulders and neckline gurrl!

Head and neckline.. PROTECTED!… Thumbs up for this number! everything is covered!

a perfect way to protect your neck!

Finally, this number BREAKS ALL THE RULES!!!…
but none the less is FABULOUS

FINALLY I definitely agree regarding the point about not buying clothes second hand… thats just a no brainer but overall my decision is that as wonderfully intricate and beautifully made Sarah Burton’s SS13 collection is (not to mention the whole show itself) I will have to refrain and not recommend her clothes for apiculture… sad I know… instead I will be opting for the conventional… that and apparently these garments are for women! who would’ve guessed?? OMSF!





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