Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 5/10/12

So it seems the banter/sledging has begun… London Orca appear to have heard that their newbies aren’t as hot as the Tronno Triggerfish… SCANDAL… its called a diet people okaaay???… or bulimia! or tapeworm…

A colder, wetter night to head to training… my unemployment status means that I LIVE for activities such as polo training… an opportunity to mingle and mince with people… I was not disappointed when I walked into the change room to be greeted by Greg and his story about how hungover he was this morning! Greg + Whiskey= (insert witty comment here)… THIS IS THE SH*T I LIVE FOR!!… Cap’n Rob was back for his second training after taking a holiday to Africa… I was somewhat disappointed that he wasn’t darker… weird… *tilts head*… quick change into my signature pink 2Eros briefettes which Jerry commented ‘are they men’s or women’s’ to which my standard answer is ‘women’s I just didn’t buy the bikini top’… and then I swan dived gracefully into the pool

In theme with juicy thighs and breasts for Thanksgiving, tonights training focussed on legs and shooting!  It was the normal general safe paced warm up and then Coach Christie put us through our paces of eggbeating and small jumps in different directions and then varied to big jumps and then BIGGER JUMPS… quick  passing of the balls, and drills focussing on the ‘hesi’ (which is short for the HESITATED SHOT) and its variations and then it was shots on goal!… Here is a guy that is obviously a pro at faking and egg beating

A solid session really!… and everyone loves shots on goal… everyone wants to be the person that made the winning shot so this was an excellent opportunity for 30 minutes of GLORY PLAY!!…Also adding a new type of shot to our repertoire… The training session finished off with a game of ‘Donkey’ but Donkey has too many letters in it so we decided to go with ‘Pig’… I was thinking ‘Ass’ was way more appropriate but said nothing… I’m still the ‘New Kid on the Block’… just need to take things ‘Step by Step’ until someone tells me ‘You Got It’… :P…

Only a small school of triggers tonight (11 fish)… perhaps Thanksgiving has led to people going away for the weekend… or perhaps people are already preparing their Turduckens yet no one has invited me *does one arm teapot with hip jut*!

Either way I’m knackered after that 1 hour session… Next week training is earlier so make sure you check the times! and don’t forget… if your shoulders are giving you grief I’ve still got space for that Shoulder Exercise Group… please read ‘Shoulder’ Gone to that Exercise Class‘…


DISCLAIMER: This is not an official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish, any views expressed here are not endorsed by the Toronto Triggerfish




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