Tales of Mrs Mao S1 E2- ‘Days of our Lives’

With Spring hitting Perth and Autumn now sinking its claws firmly into the Northern Hemisphere I received an email from Mrs Mao with an attachment of flowers (a picture, not actual flowers)… Mrs Mao LOVES gardening! She is always proud of the flowers she grows and in fact, truth be told she has a bit of a green finger… thumb… green thumb… plus she does do beautiful flower arrangements… NOT, ikebana!!!

Here is a picture of Mrs Mao’s roses! the caption is ‘My first bloom of spring roses! Just a delight to see from our living room’

I replied back ‘how lovely! and the weather looks beautiful and sunny!… here’s a picture of some Autumn colours’


Mrs Mao replied ‘Is that you in the photo??’
‘How can it possibly be me Ma? I’M TAKING THE PHOTO!!’ *le sigh*
‘Ohh yah… Your autumn leaves reminded us of our liquid amber outside your room, Ming. Autumn colours are so beautiful but also reminds ma of our stage in life (-_-)’

OMSF!! (this is not Mrs Mao)

OMG what does she mean by that??? and why has she used asian smiley face?? inappropriate use!… Basically she was saying she’s getting old and dying much like the leaves on a maple tree!!!… MRS MAO!!! Touch wood touch wood!!!… Plenty more years to come!!! PLENTY!!!…  So as ‘Sands through the hour glass so are the days of our lives’… or a more appropriate Mrs Mao variation ‘as leaves on a maple tree… so are the days of our lives’


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