Aural Sex: Jolin Tsai- Dr Jolin

I’m a little bit behind the 8 ball on this one… this music video was released on the 24/9/12… I generally take my asian pop information from none other than my favourite cyberslashie/friend/egg (asian on the inside, caucasian on the outside) Stephen Hogan (Australian model slash actor slash graphic designer now living in Hong Kong) so I blame him indirectly…

Jolin Tsai is a 32 year old MANDOPOP award winning dancer, singer and actor. Jolin’s 12th album Muse was released on the 14th September 2012… her most recent release Dr Jolin comes after her cyber ball themed song The Great Artist

… Shall we see what she’s come up with… I love asian pop especially for the delightful karaoke-esque ‘sing-a-long’ words that scroll across the bottom… this ensures that no mispronunciations or misinterpretations occur unlike in some western pop i.e. LMC vs U2  Take Me to the Clouds Above, my best friend Kate blasted out ‘Take me to the crowded bar’. This one is a bit left of centre but it does actually sound like it if you replay it, Kelly Clarkson’s Miss Independent… ‘What happened to Miss Independent?’ my best straight guy friend Rick’s version was ‘What happened to my cinnamon bun?’… Kelly probably ate them whilst recording her latest album #justsayin…. Anyhoo back to Jolin… I should make note my Chinese is so bad I don’t actually understand a word she’s saying (apart from the English ones and even then I struggle at times with Engrish accents) but I just love the fancy costumes, the precision choreography and toe tapping catchy beat!…backtojolin backtojolin

Immediate points for her suitable FIRST costume!… an unbuttoned PVC aqua coloured lab coat with contrasting (yet same palette) coloured stethoscope… very believable as a doctor and so PRACTICAL! sprraaaaaaaay and wipe! if any blood!

Her hair also is whipped up into a true traditional style we like to call ‘bunny ears’

Caucasians are generally lazier and go for the ‘DIY get your friend to do it for you’ version

Not quite sure what happens in this next scene but I’m pretty sure she’s going to transplant the guy on the right’s highlights into the guy on the left!… Medical REVOLUTIONARY stuff!

Now this is the reason why being straight is ‘unnatural’… ISN’T THIS HOW BABIES ARE MADE??… I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that harness on some guys at XXL or Pitbull… I can just imagine the call back ‘YOU GOT THE PART TO PLAY A PREGNANT MAN!! and your wife is going to look like DEATH! without a tan! and you’re both dressed like you’re going to a Gay Leather Bear Party!!!’

Research has shown that Pepsi CAN NOT get you pregnant (Dr Tsai, J 2012)
However, kiwi fruit can! According to ‘That’s Life’ Magazine… That’s what I love about That’s Life Magazine… its their catch phrase; ‘That’s Life’… I once saw… ‘When I walk, I trip over my boobs’… ‘That’s Life!’, suck it up!

Next patient…
Treatment: Collect tears from sad asian + Pepsi + insert intravenously

Seems like INTRAVENOUS Pepsi is the cure for everything… not insanity though… refer to young girl dancing with skeleton model…

She truly is an AMAZING doctor… She did as she promised! she transplanted hairstyles! the one of the right now has the hair of the one of the left from the beginning *silence*…

And a STRONG finish to round up the music video with repeated choreography for her chorus ‘I give you love, love ,love, love, love, love, love, love’

Overall, what a FUN SONG!! and I love the fact that now men can have babies!! The world is certainly progressing in more ways than one! :)… I love this track 🙂 and I would definitely go see Dr Jolin if I had any ailments however I feel like I could just run to the local store and grab some Pepsi and save myself the consultation fee… However I do hope I get to wear some revealing costume 😉


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