Nipples of the Face: 2Eros Swimwear

Ok, so I’m no fashion guru and I’m definitely no expert in this area but I know what I like and I’m very VERY hesitant to give this secret away because I don’t really want people to know where I get my great looking bathers from, but when credit is due, its due…I ❤ 2Eros…

2Eros is an Australian designer range of swimwear and underwear apparel and what I like about their product statement is they ‘reject mediocrity’… yes, fine fine! the saying of 51% is 1% too much effort but lets be honest here, if you’re looking to buy swimwear you definitely do not want mediocre bathers/togs/trunks/budgy smugglers/cock jocks… Mediocre swimwear results in the following…

For the man that still isn’t quite ready to be as fashion forward as this…

HERE IS YOUR ANSWER!!!… especially you Southern Hemisphere folk with Summer fast approaching… 2Eros… read it, take note, write it down, pinterest it, tag it, flag it, tweet it, make a note in your google calendar WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO, JUST REMEMBER IT!!… I have bought several pairs of 2Eros over my time as a mincing, gay, swimmer/waterpolo player part of the ‘Gay Waterpolo League’… and although not particularly made for the grabbings and pullings of water polo 2Eros is a brand that will definitely ensure you are noticed… take, for example IGLA 2012 Opening Party held at the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland…What better way to test out if your swimwear is a hit other than swimming around and mingling with 500 judgey gays (the hardest clientele to please, harder than Miranda Priestley)… Photographic evidence below!… No other swimwear company was photographed like this I can assure you… Verdict= A SMASH!!

What I like about 2Eros are their designs and their colours! Majority are low rise which some people may find a bit much but lets be honest, who wants to be a Harry High Pants down at the pool or beach, you might as well be wearing spanks if thats the case!… Their initial ranges repeated a ‘V’ design as part of their Vanish and Victory series which are eye catching and draw the eye subconsciously to certain ‘zones’… what friends of mine have coined ‘ALL GO ZONES’ (ass and front) as opposed to ‘no go zones’… their cute symbolic logo as either representative of a butt or balls or perhaps an ovum going through mitosis (jury is still out) is cheeky and flirty … They’ve recently launched new colours for their Signature range which are striped and perfect for Summer, in particular Candy and Marine…Their latest ranges are the Outback and Tab range, which I personally will be hopefully picking up a pair of they Tab Blossom number soon even with minus 10 degree temperatures forecast to hit Toronto this Winter (does that phase me? NOPE! You can never have too many good looking trunks!)…

Signature Stripe Marine

Outback River

Have no fear if bright fluro green, electric blue, hot pink and sunshine yellow are going to not only make you feel self conscious or have an epileptic fit… For those a bit more conservative they do cater with the standard classy neutral coloured briefs, boy legs and swim shorts in V02.10 and V04.10 ranges…

V02.10 Red Earth and Midnight

But do they have the GAY STAPLE? I hear you ask?? You mean white speedos? WHY YES! OF COURSE!! Win win for everyone!! 😀

Signature White

My good cyberphotographer friend West Phillips currently based in Miami is the photographer for 2Eros and has taken some some beautifully fantastic shots of their products… West’s photos not only makes you want to buy a pair of these great togs but also makes you question if Miami should be where you should move to and perhaps take up a career in swimwear photography…

All in all if you’re any self respectable man that wants to be seen at the beach and not just be a skulker under your big beach brolly with big dark sunglasses and an oversized floppy hat (which is generally creepy) then 2Eros is for you! Make sure you grab a pair for this coming Summer if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and boys in the Northern Hemisphere make sure you take advantage of the fact that they always have sales on their online store for the folks down under in our Winter!…

Just remember all you need to do is ask yourself this summer or next time you’re at the beach or pool do you want to look like this???

or this? *gives hard questioning raised eyebrow*

DISCLAIMER: *this is not an official release or commissioned piece from 2Eros*




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