Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 12/10/12

My mood was brightened this evening because of training after the good and bad news that I was now able to legally work in this country having activated my working visa at Niagara, but unfortunately not allowed to work in any business or company associated with the sex industry, there goes my full time job at Remingtons 😦 waaaa :(… It was an early practice tonight at U of T for the Tronno Triggerfish… relegated to the kiddy pool with its shallow end because of the Men’s Senior Waterpolo league taking up the two main pools meant that there was some decent match play to enjoy as you meandered through the winding corridors of U of T… 17 fish decided to put their bodies, health and overall well being first and attended tonight’s training. Big welcome backsies to Daniel B and Brandon tonight, gracing us with their presence 🙂 Yippee! :)…

London Orca‘s continuing disregard for appreciation of aquatic life continues with their tongue in cheek nickname to the Tronno Triggerfish as the Triggerbottoms… perhaps not entirely untrue, but definitely not a generalisation that should be made about the whole team riiiight??… Nevertheless it is lovely to see how far the Warm Gay Hand of International Waterpolo friendship can reach (around) as Scott McVittie was warmly welcomed to London Orca this week for his first training session:)… Rumour has it that the trade of myself over here was unfair… On the triggerfish….

Anyway! I missed the warm up so I can’t comment on what happened but Coach Christi’s continuing push to expand our shot repertoire was the main focus of tonight’s training!  I’m personally quite happy with this, makes me feel like I might POTENTIALLY have an arsenal of shots to choose from, should I have the opportunity to score apart from the ‘T Bar Shot’ (hitting the goal post)… a few drills to improve movement across the face of the goal and then into some passing focussing on spinning and ‘the tap’…I felt that I was quite good at that… perhaps a few hand flourishes too many but still what is Gay Waterpolo without a flourish here and there… and then some shots on goal, at one end practicing ‘The Hesi’ and at the other end moving across goal from positions 2 and 4 and shooting in some open space that you have hopefully created… Then 15 minutes of scrimmage to end the session… In London they call it champagne water polo but here it only seems festively fitting to call it Pumpkin Ale Polo 🙂

Unfortunately, another injury was had at training… Which brings our Occupational Health and Safety ‘Injury Free Weeks’ Tally back down to 0 after 2 weeks… Once again, Steven was involved, this time the victim! Accident prone? Unlucky? Slightly clumsy? Jury is still out… Asking Steven why he got out of the pool early he replied ‘It’s my groin…’
‘oh!’ *retracts head*
‘It’s all Daniel Girlando’s fault! Him and his fancy moves… I’m sick of him always getting the better of me and getting around me… so I wrapped my leg around him and… POP!’
‘wait… you tried to get a leg up on Daniel??… and pop??… Oh golly!’
Lucky he has an in house physio staying with him…

Rob and I were also in discussion about the naming of some of these new shots we’re practicing… Rob has been finding that his affinity for greasy Chinese food is increasing and generally occurs after spending time with me or speaking to me… Should I be offended??… We’ve decided that the following shots shall now be referred to as follows:

1) Travelling across the face of the goal before shooting: The Manchu Walk (Walk is pronounced Wok… Rob’s favourite greasy food court Chinese take away option under Holt Renfrew)
2) The back shot: The Egg Roll (if you miss) and the Springroll (if you score)… Claire suggested the French Roll (should you score and you manage to do a celebratory flourish at the end… adds a bit of class)
3) The lob from the other end of the pool: The Sweet and Sour… a high risk shot should you get it in, making it oh, so sweet and if you missed or worse, it landing short making it rather sour
4) Faking and then losing grip of the ball because you can’t hold a men’s ball: the Noodle… limp, wavy and slippery… enough said…

All in all a great practice :)… Some exciting news on the Global Gay Waterpolo League grapevine regarding Out Games in Antwerp 2013 is that water polo will be held on the 7th-9th August 2013 at Zwembad Arena, get excited and start saving your pennies!

Also another quick reminder that if you have any shoulder problems I’m more than willing to help you out… refer to ‘Shoulder’ Gone to that Exercise Class



*DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish nor is it any form of official communication associated with the Toronto Triggerfish



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