Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 14/10/12

A bit more of a struggle today to get to training courtesy of Greg and Carl… I think a few people were feeling the effects of the alcamahol… Though I must admit I did leave Greg and Carl’s feeling very chilled out and relaxed but also very hungry at the same time, weeeirrrrd!… must have been those ‘incense’ they were burning at the exit on the way out! Smelt very similar to my old place back in London where I lived next to an unemployed black woman who I nicknamed BEBL (Bung-eyed Black Lady) who enjoyed smoking weed everyday at 5pm… anyhoo…

TONIGHT WAS THE BEGINNING OF HOUSE LEAGUE!!… I’m still very impressed with the running of the Tronno Triggerfish, over 40 fish turned up tonight including the newbies which get tagged the Guppyfish!!!… SOOOOOOOO Q (asian people say ‘Q’ instead of cute… its our thing!… like eating dogs…) and people were divided into 3 teams…

White (1s) led by Captain Ryan

Blue (2s) led by Captain Jake

And Periwinkle (3s) (NOT purple) led by Captain Daniel G

For starters I didn’t realise there was a such a difference between purple and periwinkle but there obviously is…

 <—-this is purple


this is periwinkle —–>  

Take it in, process it, remember it!…

Lovely to see and play with the people from the Recreation Squad, obviously training on different nights means you don’t get to see and meet everyone but with matches like these you get the opportunity to meet and say hi to people… My favourite conversation tonight was with Michelle… Though surprisingly I didn’t see her after this conversation…
‘Hiiiiii, I’m Ming, I’m new I just moved here’
‘Oh I’m Michelle, nice to meet you’
‘Nice to meet you too, so have you been playing long?’
‘2 years’
‘Oh yeah, so do you like it??’ *insert cue for verbal diarrhoea* ‘well, what a silly question really, of course you must like it, you’ve been playing for 2 years… unless you like have some sort of sick sex kink where you like people to drown you and you get off on that…and really playing water polo at times can be like that so you use water polo as an outlet to fulfil this sexual fantasy so you don’t need to ask someone to do it for you or run the risk of perhaps dying if someone was over zealous with the drowning…’
*silence… tumbleweed rolls by, crickets chirp, cat knocks over bin and meows and scurries off*
‘cozzzzz if it was there would be nothing wrong with that right??’
Lucky for me Michelle enjoyed my humour… I think…

Each team got to play 3 matches and they were all very even… Always good practice to implement whatever you’ve been working on in training, I find that generally I have a love-hate relationship with the ball… its kind of like ‘Ooooo YES PASS IT TO ME!!’ and then when you finally get it its like ‘F*CK WHAT DO I DO?? GET IT AWAY!!!’… Much like a girl’s relationship with chips…

As Carl rightly pointed out ‘YOU WANT THE BALL! THIS IS GAY WATER POLO PEOPLE!!’

My ‘Whooping Cough’ which I’ve developed seemed like a very effective way of keeping the other team away!… ‘Oh sorry you got a bit of phlegm on your cap… my bad…’

Jerry’s Facebook status prediction came through with him scoring 3 goals… *snaps for Jerry*

Big props to Coach Christi for reffing the whole 2 hours after having been at the pool for 30 hours over the weekend… and also well done to the Guppyfish for being thrown in the deep end, literally for some friendly 10 minute scrimmage and surviving 🙂

Rob managed to come up with a new greasy Chinese dish for us to add to our repertoire

The Sharksfin Soup: Being drowned in front of goal whilst keeping the ball and then going for a shot and scoring

Overall, a great training! I think the White’s won in the end, but lets be honest the true winner was Gay Waterpolo… OH BUT BEFORE WE END…


The lockers are not a safe place to store your belongings, unfortunately Nancy had all of her clothes and shoes stolen tonight at training!… 

Lawrence very kindly lent Nancy his jacket to get home in… I can only imagine that all she needed was a belt to cinch in the waist, could’ve been a very cute shirt-dress number…


Pumpkin ale polo at its best! :)… Training this Friday is early once again at 9pm! Don’t be late 🙂



DISCLAIMER: This is not the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish nor is it an official communication channel used by the Toronto Triggerfish


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