Tales of Mrs Mao: Love is a Battlefield S01 E03

So not directly from Mrs Mao but still related… she manages to some how weasel herself into everything, even my dreams…

Last night in my dream whilst I was fighting the Chinese (my sworn enemies) on an open battlefield (medieval styles)… some people might call it internalised hatred I’m still figuring it out…

But while I was down in the bunker I glanced over only to see the one and only MRS MAO!!!… what was she doing here?? WHY WOULD MUM BE IN MY DREAM!?!?… There was no time for questions, as the Chinese began sending arrows our way!… Mrs Mao IMMEDIATELY STOOD UP!… ‘SIT DOWN!’ I yelled at her and then rolled my eyes in the only way a disapproving annoyed adolescent would do… ‘YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING! SOMEONE LOOK AFTER HER!’… ‘I will!’ a voice replied… None other than my ‘good friend’ Lady Brienne of Tarth…

Somehow not as glamorous as this in my dream *toss toss*…

But definitely not as bad a hair toss as this…

Anyway, back to the dream!… The Chinese changed tact, obviously arrows were not taking us down so they started catapulting GIANT LOGS, the first falling right in front of us… Once again Mrs Mao stood up!… ‘YOU JUST DON’T KNOW WHEN TO STAND OR SIT DO YOU!?!?’… and with that, a second log came flying directly for us… silence… darkness… omsf! *whispers* death… touch wood touch wood touch wood!




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