Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 21/10/12


Having been struck by the dreaded man flu this week and missing training on Friday, I was determined to get my non-exercised ass to the pool tonight for 1.5 hours of triggerfish training!… Another reason to get down to training was also to work off the masses of dim sum ingested at brunch this morning, everyone loves a bbq pork bun hand fed to them from Ken Tong how can you say no?!…

Waterpolo News from Around the Globe:

News from the other side of the pond is that London Orca are upping their game, ready to lay it all on the line at their European Spring Smackdown just a week or two away…  Today they held an intensive, gruelling, 5 hour training session with their head Coach Jerome (most patient coach in the world) coming away sore, beaten, tired and hopefully more skilled… Good luck to Charles and Michelle who will be playing for Birmingham and representing the Toronto Triggerfish proudly!… News from down under with the Melbourne Surge tells of their annual joint fundraiser with the local gay rugby team battling it out for the titles of ‘Best Ass’ and finding out which sport has the highest level of testosterone with their ‘Arm Wrestling Competition’… I don’t know why I put quotation marks around arm wrestling, it is an actual arm wrestling competition, no innuendo or hidden message…

Back to the Tronno Triggerfish… Plenty of Triggerfish in the pool tonight, approximately 18 in Competitive and over 30 in Recreation, special mention and lovely to see Mo all tanned after a stint in Me-hi-co (Mexico)… Warm up was self paced with Ryan taking the Holes (Pit players for our London readers) and Coach Christi taking the arc players… Good to see Coach Christi back to her normal ‘balanced’ self after an acute bout of vertigo… Today’s focus was on the ‘Slide and Up’… The concept being to SLIDE either left or right at a 45 degree angle around the blocker catching them off guard and then popping UP and shooting or passing off… Sliiiiide and UP!… Wait a second… this sounds very similar and familiar… perhaps this move is an ode to an ex triggerfish :)… BEEEEENNNND AND SNAP!

Drills were focussed on creating space by sliding… and then it was into Coach Christi’s NIGHTMARE!!! THE RUSSIAN BREAKAWAY! Only for Ryan and Greg to make some ‘high brow’ joke which was lost on majority of the team, I’m blaming my natural blondness for not getting it… As per usual the general blank stares signalled things were NOT going to go well, and for half the squad it didn’t…

Whats going through your head when Coach Christi explains the Russian Breakaway

Finally everyone managed to sort themselves out and then it was into scrimmage for the last 25 minutes with 5 minute games alternating between competitive and recreational… Great to always see the good work Coach Lawrence is putting in with the Recreationals and seeing the Guppyfish giving the game a good hard go! :)… All in all a great training!

Friday training is once again 10-11 for Competitive! 🙂

Oh and a quick plug… With the 2013 Gay Games in Cleveland I think its only fair to say that the 2018 Gay Games should be somewhere a bit livelier, gayer and perhaps English?!… London is bidding for the 2018 Gay Games with Out to Swim (Europe’s largest LGBT aquatics club) spearheading the bid!… To help them win this crucial bid and restore the Gay Games to its standing of the GREATEST gathering of LGBT athletes in the world they need to raise some funds… Join the Facebook Group: London 2018 and stay in touch with how to support this worthwhile cause or even better visit this website 100 Out Campaign and make a donation!



DISCLAIMER: This is not the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish


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