.gif- X-Factor UK Week 3 Nicole Scherzinger’s Reactions

Having a bit of FoMO for the UK, I now watch the UK X Factor on YouTube on Sunday mornings… It has recently come to my attention that I LOVE Nicole Scherzinger’s comments and reactions!… Lets review this week’s top moments…

That moment when someone told her
‘Bet you can’t see your right ear without using a mirror’

Nicole says ‘TWO WORDS: Bour Geois’
I say… One word, bourgeois

‘Freakin Shih-Mazing’… Umm that’s my cousin’s name

All those years of professional dance training as a Pussycat Doll have really paid off

When you tell Nicole that they’ve run out of gold in the world to make more jewellery for her and she tells you to ‘WORK!’

Nicole’s favourite part of the alphabet… X, Y,ZEEEEEE!!

And that’s week 3.. do a lil dance!!




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