Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 26/10/12

Another week has flown by, luckily this week has been a bit more eventful than last week’s bout of man flu… My job hunt still continues this time me having a hissy fit mid week and going with the ‘Well, do you know what?! I’M TOO GOOD FOR YOUR STINKING JOB!’ approach and wrote an ‘animated’ cover letter basically saying how ‘I’m the poo so take a big whiff’ (Bring it On, Torran Shipman 2000)… here is an excerpt from my cover letter regarding diversity and non discrimination…

”(Insert company name here) is committed to reflecting the country’s diversity within its workforce and encourages applications from people of any wealth of cultures, linguistic and ethnocultural communities, gender, sexual orientations, ages, religions and those with different abilities.’ I am a 27 year old, ‘naturally’ blonde, Australian born Chinese, baptist, gay man with ‘varying abilities’ that can speak fluent English and conversational Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. I tick a lot of boxes for you, if you hired me.’

Surprisingly no reply yet! hrmmms…

Last night Steven and I went down to Recreational training to do a very short piece on the Triggerfish, we interviewed Coach Lawrence for some advise… Check it out and see if you can spot yourself if you were there last night… Oh and remember the amazing thing about all of this is that it was filmed, recorded, edited, and uploaded from an iPhone… Totes J’Adore!! Though still questioning if presenting is my thing… maybe more of a face for radio…

With Halloween just around the ‘poorly lit, stabby’ corner, a good practice was going to ensure I managed to fit into my gay Space Cadet costume… (anyone out tomorrow night? anyone? :P… *serious face*)… 6.5 eager Triggerfish (including Coach Laurence) decided to show up tonight… 6.5, because Dylan left after warm up having worked on his epic costume all night and only getting 2 hours sleep 😦 

Training obviously was then focussed on shooting… a few sprints to get the blood pumping and then onto passing to warm up the shoulders… Tonight’s session was excellent! EVERYONE who didn’t come MISSED… OUT!… We practiced receiving tempo shots from different points on the arc and also mastered the skip shot!… Get high and hit the ball at an acute (<90 degrees) angle (see below)

As Coach Laurence pointed out its is important to be VERSATILE when receiving! You want to be able to receive from any position… 20s passed until the first giggle from Jake… A quick game of PIG to end the night and then off into the night we departed…

HOUSE LEAGUE this Sunday!… The more the merrier! In fact the more people down means the more chance you have of subbing when you’re tired!! 🙂

London 2018– Get on board!! and if you have a few spare cents buy a water bottle to help them get that one step closer!
– Sore bits??… as in shoulders, knees, back… I’m still available to have a look for you! I offer EXTREMELY reasonable prices… Have a chat with Tai or Ian Speck for some testimonials… and I promise I treat with my pants on!

here is another satisfied customer who came to see me with some ‘sore bits’ he went on to score several goals! #justsayin


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