Tiggly: if you truly loved your child as much as you say you do

So one of my best friends from high school, Phyl (the smartest man I know… Jolene you are the smartest woman I know) is ‘kickstarting’ his own childrens’ toy business… Tiggly!… At first I had very little interest, what? I don’t have any children! Let alone they still can’t make a baby out of two sperm! But as Phyl pointed out to me ‘don’t you know anyone with a 2 year old?’… ergh, I guess… seems like 2 year olds are the new Hermes Birkin Bag of Generation Y… Here is an example of a lady who has it all… Victoria Beckham + Birkin Bag + mini Batman= Complete life

Tiggly is simply a children’s’ toy for the iPad… WHAT? I hear you gasp? well, take your child’s wooden puzzle game where they need to put the right shapes into the cut outs but instead of using sharp, splinter prone pieces Tiggly uses BRIGHT, COLOURFUL, EASY TO HANDLE, FUN, SMOOTH, MULTI PURPOSE, NON EDIBLE shapes like a square, triangle, circle and star! Tiggly! YAY!

You simply download the app, order your shapes for an affordable $24 and then off you go! Programs, instructions, positive reinforcement, fun, able to leave your child alone for hours on end whilst you whack two cucumber pieces over your eyes! (shows you how much I know about parenting)… WAM BAM THANK YOU SAM!… Its so so simple!…

Whilst watching the promo video I must admit, I was a bit like ‘oh great… is that all?’ until I go to 2:17 and the girl used a square and two stars and it turned into a LION magically on the screen!!! AMAZING!!!… I found myself doing the infamous open palm upright gaysian hand clap! I was so impressed and excited… and thats me as a 27 year old… imagine what a 2 year old must be feeling!!…

But I hear muttering from the doubting Thomas’ in the back… I hear you say won’t my child whack the sh*t out of my $549 iPad? Chances are slim, if you were a good parent and taught them that hitting is bad this will not occur!

The bottom line is, this is a great product!… And really if you wanted your child to succeed in life and you truly loved them as much as you keep telling them then you would make an investment of $24 so that your child can enjoy today’s modern, tech savvy world… The question is WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)?… wait, no that’s no right… The question is if you can afford a $549 iPad and also raise a child/children then how can you not spare $24 to give your child the best chance at life… *gives raised eyebrow* TIGGLY!

PS I hear Ricky Martin is looking to endorse Tiggly 😛


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