Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 28/10/12


I was feeling sub optimal today, obviously the night before being a Space Cowboy had been a bit much for my poor wee Asian body… Anyhoo with some day old splash proof eye liner still on it was off to U of T to play some BALL!!!… A great turn out for house league today, with over 40 people (a mixture of guppies, recs and comps) braving the rain thanks to Sandy.

Once again people were designated into one of 3 teams, Coach Lawrence, James and Sean umpired and it was game on!! Good solid 24 minute games with some moments of brilliance and perhaps moments that lacked lustre… But no biggy, its how we learn! My personal highlights were
– Daniel Bushe’s defense of  James, the ‘High 5 to the face’ move
– The goals being shared out amongst all levels
– Jake swimming as fast as he could for Lawrence to give the ball to his team anyway in the swim off
– My swim off with Sean ending up with me swimming INTO Sean
– And our Occupational Health and Safety number of Injury Free Weeks at Training is up to an all time record of 3!!!

I would like to illustrate how House League can sometimes feel for me…

How you feel inside when you score a goal…

How you feel when you end up having to play on Raf, Ryan, Jake, James or Daniel etc…

What it feels like when you’re marking someone and not winning…

Finally, what you wish you could say when that pass was way off…

So, finally before we finish up I would like to make a public announcement… Can you spot the difference?







we are two DIFFERENT people, we are not Ting/Mai/Mai Ting/ Mai Tai or any other permutations of our name :P… thoughI just found these two photos… and maybe if we had the same colour caps on…and… erghs *le sigh*… FINE, I give up!… 😛



Happy Halloween everyone for Wednesday!… Once again GREAT to see the Guppy Fish that turned up to play! Keep plugging away guys… it gets better!… Friday training is once again 10-11 on Friday hopefully more than 6.5 people turn up 😀



DISCLAIMER: This is not the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish


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