Hymns of Gay Church: Church Wear

WARNING: several male bodies on show purely for illustration purposes… perhaps not suitable to read this on a work related computer!

So it has recently come to my attention that the DEEP CUT MUSCLE TANK (DCMT) is coming back!… A fashion faux pas? or a fashion yes?… I have been on this bandwagon for the last few months altering a fair number of my t-shirts, turning them INTO deep cut muscle tanks to wear out on the scene (snip off the sleeves and voila!)… Some say inappropriate, some say narcissistic, some say easy, some say slutty… I SAY haters :P…

Tonight at the gym, I noted 5 guys wearing DCMTs… One was an extremely hot white guy, 2 were asian students, 1 was a sub continental student and the other a white muscle mary…and I would say only 1 of them GAY!… Read on Straights! Each wore a different version of the DCMT.  The DCMT is a perfect example of a fashion option that allows the male to SKINPLIFY! The DCMT is a perfect way to learn anatomy… Pecs, lats, serratus anterior, obliques and abs are all visible… Lets have a quick surface anatomy lesson… Sidebar: My Google search of  ‘Gay+Muscle+Tops’ did not quite bring up the right images 😛

DCMTs come in all different cuts, from a conservative lateral incision mid body to a deep incision down to the pelvis… much like a sandwich board… the important thing to remember is that the cut is made at the SIDE… NOT the front… And DO NOT try to cover up your mistake with mesh! It is a no no!!
Some people say sideboob is wrong! I say BOO HOO TO YOU POO POOing SIDEBOOB … Sideboob can be SEXY!…here are some typical examples of high end couture female gowns utilising the DCMT pattern and also illustrating sideboob…
Thank you Heidi, thank you Katie and Thank you Nicole…
Here are some examples of DCMTs which work! As you can see, they expose all the areas listed above…
Finally, remember that though this post is written with several examples for men, DCMTs can also be rocked by women with a brightly coloured bra/crop top under to add that little bit of pizzaz!

This is the best example of a DCMT… exposing all areas Pecs tick! Lats tick! Serratus tick! Obliques tick! Abs tick! AND even a bit of nipplage!… Why not add some nipplage if you’ve got nice nipples!  Maybe keep them covered if you’ve got mediterranean nipples (90% nipple 10% tit/pec= mediterranean nipples)… DCMTs are not for those with mediterranean nipples #justsayin

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