Pierre My French Maid

I know people hate doing house work and I am included in that category… I only do it because I can’t afford someone to do it for me…

Straight men dream of a sexy French maid who cleans their house in a skimpy outfit

Some gay men would prefer doing the housework themselves if they’re anal about cleaning or perhaps even wearing the outfit above and doing the cleaning (sexy pout optional)… Others may consider hiring someone like this

I have been spoilt since moving to Toronto with Pierre.  Pierre has become one of my closest friends since I moved here, I can’t fault him in any way and he just fascinates me!… Pierre is French (so classy), he’s black, extremely quiet, self motivated, doesn’t complain or chat back to me, just goes about doing his thing once a week every Monday smack bang on 12 midday without fail, and gets into all those nooks and crannies that I can’t… This is a self pic of Pierre…

I made lunch for Pierre yesterday! He’s always coming up with these silly one liners…

That’s Pierre! My French Maid… stay tuned for more silly adventures of Pierre…




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