Tales of Mrs Mao: S01 E04&5

It’s been a while since Mrs Mao has done anything worth reporting but today is a 2 in 1 special!… 2 tales of true whimsy and delight!…

I woke up to check my phone and saw I had one new message from Mrs Mao:

Tale 1

10:46, Mrs Mao (mobile)
‘ZIPPEE your dad is home.  Busy cleaning his 3 babies 🙂 just remembered I forgot to feed them for 2 days (-_-) Ha ha now I know how to do your face’

Dad’s (Mr Mao) 3 babies are his fish just to clarify… and the tank is in the kitchen near the front of the house, not tucked away in some corner which you never walk past…

Tale 2

I started up my computer and to my delight more correspondence from Mrs Mao, an email titled: My Cactus Flower, with an attachment :)… Sidebar: LOVE attachments

Below is what I received… my favourite part is how Mrs Mao describes the new forming buds of the cactus flower… so unique and beautiful with her description, really captures the daintiness and fragility of the buds… BEHOLD!!!!…

From: Mrs Mao

Subject: My cactus flower

Date: 1 November 2012 09:57:46 EDT

This is the second time this cactus has bloomed! Such a beautiful flower but only lasts a day. Those little grey looking parasites with cobwebs are the buds. Such a sight to behold!
Have to send it to you to enjoy too.
W aka Mrs Mao





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