Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 2/11/12

A quick tribute to those who are onto day 2 of Movember (Coach Lawrence and Rob)… And also a reminder that ladies, Movember is NOT just for men if you happen to have a furry upper lip why not grow one too!! Or for those that are less follicularly endowed on the top lip I remember hearing from a friend that she decided to do MUFF-vember… No personal trimming for a month! :D… HOW LIBERATING!

Another week has flown by and alas still unemployed… BUT at least I’ve had a few interviews with some shops and a sales company so fingers crossed something will come through… WHO KNEW that finding work, even unskilled work could be so hard!?!… definitely not me! Luckily I have a back up plan, thanks to my BGFF Gareth he’s introduced me to… it’s simply a job board where people post what they can do for you within an hour or more… here are a few GREAT examples of what to expect…



It seems like ex Triggerfish Scott McVittie (you can read his blog at )and I are mirroring lives, I’m literally 2 weeks in front of him having moved here just before he moved to London and we traded water polo teams… Jury is still out on if this was a fair trade or not (not a word Gareth)… So it only seems fair that I put a call out for those of you in London and around the world with contacts… if you have ANY job leads get in contact with Scott… Also, if anyone here in Toronto has any work let me know, I’m an experienced impromptu unprofessional uncoordinated self trained dancer in my lounge 😛 Just remember my visa specifically says I’m not allowed to work in ANY industry or company associated in the sex industry… FACT!…

Anyway enough community notices… seems like the mercury is starting to drop along with my enthusiasm to order frappucinos at Starbucks… but why would you? now that the Christmas flavours are back, eggnog latte, gingerbread la… sorry… polo! FOCUS!…

Warm welcome backsies to Tatum and Steven… tonight 14 eager triggers were put through their paces by Coach Christi focussing on movement in the water … Once again it was about the ‘Slide and Up’… Refer to tronno-triggerfish-training-report-211012… A few warm up laps and drills focussing on internalising the movement and then into some shooting, once again practicing the movement with the aim of a goal… Coach Christi seemed pleasantly surprised when she asked for some new drills to be done and they were executed with near perfect technique… ‘Oh!’ she exclaimed  ‘I was not expecting that.. in a good way’…Once completed 5 on 5 scrimmage for 20 minutes with defence only blocking and goals only awarded if a ‘Slide and Up’ was used to score it… Special mention must go to Jerry for his immediate validation of his shot which was pretty much a yelling at Coach Christi of ‘I DID IT!’ even before the ball had hit the back of the net… 11pm! and shower time… Sunday training is at 7:30 till 9


The European Smackdown has started with a SPLOOSH in London! According to my inside source Niall from London Cher, the teams to look out for early on are London Kylie (A-Team), Manchester 1 and Amsterdam, but Manchester 1 lost to London Kylie today! *gasp* SCANDAL!… Nikolaj and Andreas from the Copenhagen Mermates are confident their flawless victories today will send out a signal to the other teams that they’re looking for a podium place!  Also the team from Brussels, although not so hot on the scoreboard are definitely making waves of their own OUT of the water 😉

London Orca has decided to name their teams on a loose theme of Gay icons London Kylie, London Cher, London Madonna and London Showtunes (who have even come up with a  jazz hand routine upon scoring goals thanks to the choreography expertise of Captainess Kate Sabot) Both Triggerfish, Charles and Michelle are playing for Birmingham (Moseley Shoals) so we’ll hopefully hear back from them when… they… get… back…

The catering king Oliver who is leading a team of HaBs (like WaGs but Husbands and Boyfriends) has assured me of a sinfully delicious spread to feed the hungry players which includes over 162 chicken thighs and spanish omelettes! AND AND AND get this he’s bringing his own microwave! BOOM!!!!

Plenty more water polo still to be played tomorrow, the question is who will let themselves get absolutely wasted tonight at the ‘Welcome Drinks’ and  end up not in their own bed only to wake up and be late for their first game tomorrow in a foreign city/borough and rock up to the pool wearing the same clothes they had on the night before, no water polo gear or towel and hair an absolute mess… lets not kid ourselves, everyone has done the walk of shame at a polo tournament before… and if this does happen to be you, then…

Own IT!! Heeeeeeeyyyo 

I’m here to play some GAY WATERPOLO

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish




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