Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 4/11/12

*tonight’s training report is brought to you by several .gifs

A ‘Freakin SHA-MAZING’ training tonight at U of T for the Tronno Triggerfish!

With over 40 fishies attending (Guppies + Rec + Competitive + Women) an earlyish practice there was plenty of work to be done!! :D…

Suffering from, ‘two words, Ma-Jor’
FoMO (Fear of Missing Out) of the European Smackdown

I decided that tonight’s training would pull me out of my downwards spiral of despair and depression… AND IT DID!

Coach Christi decided to continue with trying to perfect the ‘Sliiiiide and Up‘ and luckily for her she’s seeing progress!!… Sometimes I feel sorry for Coach Christi… One minute she’s banging her head against the wall (literally) because people aren’t doing what she said to do and then the next minute she’s in PURE ECSTASY and SHOCK because the drill is being performed well!… I’m pretty sure if Coach Christi has the predisposition for becoming bipolar,coaching the Triggerfish may just push her over the edge…

The process and emotions of Coach Christi when starting a new drill…
In the beginning.. ‘No’

Then one group does it right…

Then one more… and finally its being done in scrimmage!!

20 minutes of scrimmage with no subs and ‘deux points d’ being awarded if the shot was scored utilising a slide and we were done!… A great work out and plenty of out of breath knackered players leaving U of T…


A quick recap on whats happened across the pond… London Kylie (A Team) have taken the Spring title as European Champions beating The Manchester Sharks 1 in the final, third place went to Gay Swim Amsterdam… Reports are coming in that several international bonds and relationships were forged and strengthened.  The feature show of ‘Lets Have a Kiki’ from London Orca starring their Captain, John was a SMASH!!… But definitely not to be forgotten was Aquahomo’s ode to a British pop icon The Spice Girls…

Other exciting news is that a NEW Facebook Group has been established called ‘IGLA Water Polo‘… I have already invited some of you into it, we are trying to get all the water polo teams from around the globe to join and that way we can communicate better and keep up to date with what’s going on with each team. We encourage people to post water polo related stuff including reports, matches, photos etc. For example The Autumn European Smackdown has already been decided, and will be held in Manchester and there is an event which you can find in the IGLA Water Polo group… I am trying to collect more club logos and add their website addresses so have a look in the photo section to make sure your club is represented… Already there are photos up from the London tournament should you be interested 🙂




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