Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 9/11/12

OMG so I’m TRES late with this training report but that’s ONLY because from training I went straight to Grapefruit for a Kylie themed dance night!! Totes Ferosh!!!… It is now 2:11 on a Saturday morning and I’m going to make this quick coz I am ‘le tired’…

Here is a lil tribute to the Aussie goddess herself…

Training tonight was attended by 11 dedicated triggers… Continuing with Coach Christi’s tact of perfecting the ‘Sliiiiiide and Snap’ it was self directed warm up followed by some ‘Sliiiiiding’ drills… the three movements are known as…

‘Stroke and snap’
‘Thumb down and snap’
‘Locked and loaded’

Coach Christi is now pushing the mantra of EVERYONE is to look like a THREAT on GOAL… LOOK AT THE GOAL!!!! Earlier this year was about the ‘Fake and Pass’, this latter part of the year is all about ‘Threat on Goal and SHOOT!’… Coach Christi says ‘Have a shot and then we’ll figure out the specifics later!’ i.e. getting the ball in the net…

Highlights of tonights practice…

– My shot on goal which ended up giving Steven a unprofessional facial readjustment
– Paddy’s shot on goal which was a wake up call for Daniel G 2m right of goal, hitting him in the hand, just in case he was having a kip

an hour of great coaching, drills, training and feedback and it was off for a night of high quality hand choreography dancing to Ms Minogue!!… WIN!!



DISCLAIMER: This is not the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish


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