Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 16/11/12

What a week it has been for me personally… I started my new job back as a shop girl for Diesel, having worked 38 hours in the last 4 days, this is a true SHOCK to my system having been ‘between jobs’ for the last 9 weeks… It is also a shock to work with people that have NEVER held a proper job before, not to mention one of my first conversations with one of my colleagues…
‘So how are you? I’m Ming what’s your name?’
‘I’m like Vanessa’
*insert superficial conversation topics like where are you from? why do you sound like that? etc*
‘Oh cool, and what are you doing this weekend?’
‘OMG I’m planning my 19th BIRTHDAY!!!’
*OMSF*… 19… le sigh…

My favourite interaction today was with a weedy asian boy who asked me ‘Hey! Do you think I should dye MY hair blonde?’
‘Yeah! Why not?! I’m ALREADY having more fun!’
*Asian boy gives weird look, obviously had not heard the saying about blondes having more fun*
‘Oh ok! yeah! whatever! cool!… You look like Chris Brown you know?’
‘I… Look like… Chris Brown?’
‘Ok the difference is that I don’t beat up a 3 time AMA, 18 time Billboard Music and 6 time Grammy Award Winning Woman!!’

And here is one more difference…

Oh wait… TRIPLETS!!

Anyway, training report, training report! A near record number at a Friday training tonight for the Tronno Triggerfish… a total of 13!!!… Coach Christi has taken a holiday Down Under… No lesbian jokes ploise! :P… So that meant we were graced on pool deck with Coach Kirsten!! :)… Warm up and passing drills to get the legs moving and the heart rate up and then it was into POWER PLAYS!! *GONG GONG GONG!!!!*… For you London readers, Power Plays are our Man Ups… Coach Kirsten wanted to work on the 1,4,5 pass and creating space… This worked somewhat… I much enjoyed the ‘Tai and Jerry Show’ of balls flying around, perhaps maybe not following the 1,4,5 rule ALL the time and also perhaps not the best choice of shot when your offence is being marked 3:1 😛 But all fun and games and people learnt valuable lessons… we hope!…

It was then into 5 on 5 scrimmage! *GROAN!*… For starters this means you have to swim more! this will make you ‘le tired’ and then there’s always a position missing, whether it be the pit/hole or someone on the arc… What then happens when you’re called a man up/Power Play?! Its 5 on 4?!?!?!? SO CONFUSING!!! My brain and body couldn’t handle this tsunami of information so I chose to do a lot of grandma breastroke and dropping of the ball!… All extremely conducive to scoring goals!…11pm clicked around and it was done for the night! :D… at least that burnt off all the fairy floss/candy floss that I ate at work which the Diesel store in Yorkdale is giving away along with Snow Cones and Popcorn all weekend!…

Home time and snooze time!…

Training on Sunday is at 7:30 for EVERYONE :D… Fingers crossed people are up for going out for karaoke again! I am NOT missing out this week!…


News from the other side of pond confirms that 3 London Orca’s have already BOOKED AND PAID for their flights to Polo Palooza!!… E-X-citing!!!!… There is also talk of an unconfirmed Mermate thinking of using his Air Canada voucher to come visit!! :D… To all of you out there who haven’t decided yet… all I’m gonna say is the decision is simple… YOU’RE COMING!! Get on it people!!… Don’t wait till the last minute, here look I’ve even done some homework for you!!

Return flights from London, direct!

Return flights from Copenhagen and Amsterdam require you transiting in another city but it can be done! Perhaps even think about going to London first :)…

Anyhoo thats enough waffle from me! Here is a picture of some hot water polo players cheering me on at my drag show ‘Minhi Wang: The Final Reveal’ to sum everything up 🙂

DISCLAIMER: This is not the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish


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