Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 18/11/12

A beautiful Tronno day, 10 degrees, partly sunny, mild… the perfect day to cause traffic chaos with a Santa Parade for my Dim Sum brunch outting!.. Typical!! #asianboyproblems!

I decided to reconnect with my motherland today, dim sum brunch with some ‘asian brothers from other mothers’ and a few guai los (white devils) thrown in, then had a large roasted wheat milk bubble tea with grass jelly bubble and extra pearls and finally, tried to deal with my undiagnosed ‘inner unhappiness and self loathing’ by ‘caucasianising’ myself more by trying to make my hair more platinum blonde (alas, less Halle Berry as Storm, more Estelle Getty as Sophia) :(… I don’t think i’m using ‘quotation marks’ correctly 😛

After sleeping off the M.S.G induced coma it was time to head to training!… Once again a great turn out to practice with approximately 20 Competitive Triggers eagerly waiting to be put through their paces by Coach Kirsten!… Lil reminder that Coach Christi is still away on holiday Down Under, enjoying the 30 degree sunny days… beeyatch! 😛

There was something in the water tonight, practice had a different feeling to it than normal… Perhaps some people were acting on  Coach Christi’s catch phrase of making sure your worst enemy is on the other team… Plenty of swimming to warm up, Coach Kirsten putting us through a series of leg drills and sprints to get ready for what was going to be a tough training… Focus tonight was on driving from the top of the arc whether it be a cross drive from 2 and 4 or a straight drive down the wings… the important thing to remember is that the ball goes into the hole/pit from the top, whoever DID NOT pass the ball needs to be initiating a drive before the ball hits the hole/pit player… This was practiced with no defence and then slowly more pressure was added until it was 5 on 5 using drives to create options and positions 1 and 5 HOPEFULLY sliding around to positions 2 and 4 to create options if needed… theory and practice are two different things but in all honesty there was some good work being done by all players… and then scrimmage hit!…

All I’m going to say is that there were more broken nails, scratches, and bruised egos than any other training I had attended… a few highlights…

– Tai’s head butt to Craig
– Dillon’s scruises (scratch+bruises= scruises) which can only be explained by someone who has hands as feet much like Beast from X-Men
and finally the showdown in the hole which i’m gonna term…


Starring Jake and Daniel!… Such AGGRESSION, such WRITHING, such INTENSITY!!… Two Titans THRASHING about trying to gain the upper hand!… An open palm to the face! Grunting and moaning! Who knows what else happened underwater!!… All in all a very intense practice

THIS could only mean one thing!!… time to unwind with some Sunday Night KARAOKE!!!… we were treated to a variety of numbers…

– Greg swooned us with his dulcet tones asking the crowd ‘Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?’
– Sean came all the way ‘From sin…sational Transylvania’
– Jerry and Carlos sang about something… who knows what… it was in Spanish… something about tacos, salsa, sombreros and shaking it (which is what La Bamba means ‘to shake’)
– Rob and I made sure that everyone knew that we ‘Want It That Way’
– Olivier was marooned, questioning if ‘this love was taking control of me’
– Dillon’s choice was recorded before the iPhone was released, FACT from the MC
– and Stacy FINALLY made it on stage to resurrect the songstress Ms Winehouse… though perhaps she would’ve preferred to be left turning over in her grave #justsayin

Below is what I hope to see one night at karaoke! YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO WATCH IT!!!… especially watch from 0:28 to 1:06!!

A great way to kick the working week off!… I know I can’t wait to find out how Vanessa’s 19th birthday went this weekend! The anticipation is KILLING ME!!


DISCLAIMER: this is NOT the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish


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