A How to Guide: K-Pop Transformation

Having attended a K-Pop (that stands for Korean Pop) Night at the Annex Wreck Room on Saturday, there was definitely some preparation that went into becoming a…


Here is my step by step guide on how to transform your mundane everyday self into a K Pop Superstar!!!

1) Try and be Asian


2) Get some inspiration from a music video… I went with BigBang’s Fantastic Baby…

An alternative could also have been Miss A’s Breathe

Unfortunately I couldn’t source a purple monokini or gold sequinned arm sleeves 😦 *waaaaaa*

3) Make sure you get the right colour clip-in hair extensions… Unfortunately the Yonge St Costume Shop run by a long sighted Sub Continental lady seems to think that brunette and blonde are the same colour… or that the colour number 0201 is the same as 0015… This can sometimes lead to a home dye job needing to be done… do not worry its easy!!

4) Time for a Christina Aguilera ‘Your Body’ dip dye job

Shampoo x2, condition, towel dry, blow dry and comb…

5) reinsert into hair and then style!

6) Rim your eyes HEAVILY with eyeliner… for Asians make sure you do BOTH top and bottom… Caucasians… I dunno, your eyes are weird and different… and I tried doing my friend Rob’s eyes and made him look like a panda which was eye-ronic cause he is white… #kpopeyemakeupfail… Then pose!

7) Finally, when you are out make sure you learn some of the dance moves!… This will ensure your costume and look are cohesive and you will DEFINITELY be a hit with the crowd of generally post pubescent girls!!




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