Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 30/11/12

What an end to a week… after 3 people got fired from work for not showing up for shifts… Pushy Jen (as I like to call her coz her name is Jen and she’s pushy) lied that her grandfather had a stroke (hope it is a lie)! and Miss Attitude Tanisha (a girl called Tanisha, with attitude) didn’t turn up and when questioned over the phone said she thought she started at 5pm but when 5pm came around, she didn’t show!… Finally, another girl (can’t remember her name, something that sounds like Bad Beets Yah?) said her friend’s grandpa went into a coma so couldn’t come in, sounds like something is going around targeting old people… think it’s called death, I joke … all this and then getting hit on by a mainland chinese girl and  asked out for dinner (more deets in an upcoming blog post) so so awkward! I was ready for the week to end… too bad I’m working tomorrow, but thats besides the point…

Today was Toronto’s FIRST SUB ZERO day for this Winter according to my good friend Rob… And whilst the dusting of snow was tres pretty it didn’t take long for the novelty to wear off and for me to realise its FRIGGIN cold!!! Minus 4 degrees centigrade, I believe the official temperature was at 9:27pm according to ‘the Clock/Temperature Building at the end of Jarvis Street’… Not going to training was definitely a thought that crossed my mind but me and 7 other triggers braced the sub zero temperatures and made our way to U of T for some HARDKORE training courtesy of Coach Lawrence…

Special mention must go out to these special 7; Greg, Sean, Charles, Claire, Tai, Graham and Michael Y… snaps for you boys and girl 😀

After some laps of sprinting, trudging and blocking it was time to work on drives coming from the top and for a change we were working on the defence side… As Coach Lawrence eloquently explained when talking about the drill ‘Make sure you BEAT HIM OFF!!’… *asian giggle*
The take home message: Always make sure you know your ball is and your player!!..

Time for some offensive work… this was MY FAVOURITE drill of the night :D… Driving in from the top after faking you were going to take the shot so defence rises up but then pushing defence out of the way, pop the ball around the side and behind the defence and trudge into 2m ready for a quick push or slap shot! BOOM!!
Take home message:: Ball goes around the side whilst you push the player out and then must be in front of you when you start your trudging…

Shooting time! Charles’ favourite part of the night… Shooter is in the hole/pit position… All 5 positions in the arc/umbrella are manned with two balls at each position… dry/tempo pass from each position going around the arc and then back…
Take home message:   Shooters: legs legs legs! Passers: Pass the ball into a zone which is biomechanically favourable for your shooter!

Then penalty shots to round off the night :D… d-e-lightful! 😀

With Coach Lawrence having seen Les Miserables the movie I would like to share this childhood song from one of my favourite Disney Musical Movies Beauty and the Beast… or in this case… Beauty and the Beat (Ain’t no body got time for that!)




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