Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 7/12/12

Just under 3 weeks till Christmas…

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 00.01.58

But sadly for me it does not feel like Christmas… Yorkdale Mall is oddly quiet… which makes me worry what is to come in the next couple of weeks… Today was an average day… I’ve become addicted to David’s Tea and go everyday, the people there know me by name… well, I like to think so until my cup has ‘Minj’ and ‘Bing’ written on it… but I stand by the fact that there are several employees there that do know me so I decided to test them today by sending my ‘work friend’ Laissez Faire Lauren to get me a tea with the brief ‘Tell them, this tea is for Ming and I want an iced tea that reflects my personality!’… She came back with an iced Lime Gelato Green Tea!… SO ME!! TOTALLY ME IN A PLASTIC CUP!!! in fact, what are the chances that YESTERDAY I ordered the EXACT SAME TEA BUT HOT!!… Out of the 48 teas they chose the exact same flavour!! WHAT… ARE… THE… CHANCES!!?!?!… when recounting this story to Steven he told me the chances were one in 48… approximately 0.02… *le sigh* smart ass!…

After a 9 hour shift, I tootled my way to U of T for some water polo practice which was presented by Coach Lawrence… 9 other Triggers were present and ready to rumble… Good to see Greg still at training despite his injury last Sunday courtesy of his gangliness and Ryan B, not to mention the other regulars Graham, Tai, Steven, Charles, Daniel, Michael S, Rich and Sean…  the theme of tonight’s session was working on the power play/man up (for those playing in the UK)!… unfortunately not enough bodies to replicate an actual scenario but nonetheless we made do…

A few laps to warm up, then some drills with the ball and it was straight into some 1,2,4/5,4,2 passing… practicing cross face passing and engaging with the goalie…

It was then into some shooting practice for the players that would be on the post when man down is called… first it was with positions 1,4 and left post… the important thing to remember in that position is to have your legs away from the goal so you can collect a dry/tempo pass and shoot directly forward… this was then mirrored with 5,2, and right post however this time legs should be facing the goal so a backhand shot could be taken…

Coach Lawrence had several double entendres such as ‘he is being double teamed!’, ‘drive it in down and hard’ and ‘he is now being triple teamed’ which drew a geisha giggle from myself but nothing more after seeing Julian from the Jets get told off by the coach just before we jumped in for poor training habits… Funny how everyone knew Julian, I initially referred to him as ‘the cute tanned hole’… :O OMSF….

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 00.21.32

Anyway, take home lessons were to make sure that when you have the ball at positions 1 and 5 to take it into 2m and when passing the ball to the player on the post it has to be high and above their hips… after several practices I’m pretty sure we had more successes that failures… so watch out at House League on Sunday…

Fishfood is out this coming Monday, if you have any announcements make sure you email me by Sunday at the latest… Not much to report in the International Gay Water Polo League… its seems like the festive season has dampened down any activity…

Christmas Party for the Triggerfish is on Saturday the 15th December! Remember dress accordingly for a Winter Wonderland Theme!…




DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish


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