A Gentleman’s Christmas… A-Z List Gays

So last night was my formal introduction to the Toronto Gay List… A Gentleman’s Christmas has been running for the last few years and it seems like its quite a big deal, what with a door list and limited attendees allowed… With the Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show having just aired, here is a recap of the night thanks to current and past Angels…

Bust first… When you mention you’re going to A Gentleman’s Christmas
to someone who wanted to go but couldn’t…

liz lemon eye roll

What you and your friends think you look like when the
elevator doors first open at the Carlu…

VSFS Gisele box

How you walk when you need to use the bathroom in the
far back right hand corner and your song is playing…

VSFS adrienne lima

When you see your friend across the room but are too far to say hi…

VSFS pompoms

When you try and make eye contact with the hot guy
you’ve been stalking for the whole night…

VSFS 2012 eyes

And finally what you most likely look like at the end of the
night after spending $8 on drinks all night…

model fall


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