Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 9/12/12

the typical 2 reactions for House League…

The person who’s looking forward to it…

MF- Cam and Gloria movie night

And then there’s the person who rocks up expecting normal training
to realise its house league…usually hungover too

sailor moon shock


After last nights efforts at A Gentleman’s Christmas I was probably more number 2 than 1… With a quick sprinkling of snow that turned into sleet and then mush, House League was still well attended by over 30 triggers…

A good balance of 3 teams led by competitive players… The key thing that I noticed was plenty of the Guppies are improving drastically… Snaps Coach Lawrence! Guppies are getting faster, marking players better and getting more awareness when in the water! Well done everyone…

My favourite moment of the night had to be one of
Jerry’s goals followed by Adam yelling

oprah you get a car


All in all a great training! Hard playing from all players and with Christmas around the corner this was the last House League of the year! awwwwwww :(…

Fishfood out this week so stay tuned for deets regarding the Triggerfish Christmas Party happening this coming Saturday!!!…

Screen Shot 2012-12-09 at 22.29.13

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish


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