Hymns of Gay Church: Gym Crush

So after a 9 hour shift at Diesel starting at 8am and having to listen to my quasi-homophobic boss tell me about his diverticulitis (similar to irritable bowel syndrome) it was time to head home but not before going to the gym… what else should a self respecting gay man be doing at 7pm on a Friday night I ask? :P…

To my pleasant surprise my gym crush happened to walk in right after me when I got to the gym

Everyone has a gym crush… gay or straight… its that person you have a crush on who always seems to go to the gym at the exact same time as you do… you don’t know their name, in fact you probably have a nickname for them, and at any opportunity you’ll probably be caught perving/staring at them whilst you’re resting…

… I’ve been ‘crushing’ on this gym member since I arrived here in Toronto… He’s about 6ft5, blonde and built, but not overly muscled but definitely has nice arms and from what I can tell a decent body… and white!!!… MY TYPE!!… I can tell ALL this because he ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wears a DCMT (Deep Cut Muscle Tank)

This is what he wore today… (taken from his instagram :P)

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 21.54.10

I definitely am not complaining… I’ve contemplated the question gay? straight? or european? :P… He has a nose piercing which I find oddly homosexual… like Lisa Left Eye Lopez 😛

He has a few tattoos which are also visible from the side thanks to the DCMT (Deep Cut Muscle Tank)… one happens to be of the Olympic rings… Ok, so in my mind people who get Olympic rings tattooed on their body have to be Olympians right?… for example

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 21.45.15

The whole one hour session I was figuring out how to break the ice with him…should I drop a weight on his foot? should I ask to work in with him even though he was doing chest and I was clearly… not… at one point I found myself doing chin ups from one end of the room separated by an 8ft partition and peeking over to stare at him everytime i chinned up… much like this…


Time went by and eventually we happen to be in the same ‘vicinity’ and he had taken off his ‘f*ck off i’m working out’ massive Dr Dre Beats headphones…

‘Do you mind me asking what you went to the Olympics for?’ I asked…
‘I played beach volleyball for Canada’… Oh my I thought… OH MY INDEED
‘Oh ok cool, recently or a while ago?’
‘No no just in London this past year’… OHMYGOD I WAS IN LONDON!!
My heart was racing… this was a workout in itself… but act cool! You’re talking to an Olympian..
‘Oh yeah? well… well… I was in London… ummm… Lived in London for the last 2 years, I went and watched some of the Olympics’… smooooooth… Not
‘Yeah we played on Horse Guards Parade’
‘Yeah, I know, must’ve been MENTAL’… Mental?? Who the F*CK says mental nowadays??… I started to casually try and walk away as though I had better things to do…
‘Yeah it was! It was great’
‘So you going to go again?’
‘No I’ve retired, just the once, I’ve done it now so ticked that off my list’
‘Yeah like a bucketlist!’… how old are you Ming??
‘Yeah a bucketlist’
‘Oh well, congratulations’… Scurries off so thrilled by the whole experience :P… and not a SINGLE GAYSIAN GEISHA GIGGLE ESCAPED…yessssssssss

Even though no geisha giggle got out to reveal ‘RAGING HOMOSEXUAL OVER HERE!’… I think my 2Eros hot pants and hot pink singlet might have given it away… le sigh… but you never know… some guys are into that?

and here is the man himself… *falls off chair*… so effing dreamy!! :P… My Gym Crush

him being sporty

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 21.59.15

him being seeexxyyy 😛

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 22.01.36


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