Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 13/1/13

A balmy winters night in Toronto was the perfect setting for the FIRST COMBINED Triggerfish Sunday training and boy was there a turn out!!!… 55 TRIGGERFISH!!!… Props to everyone who turned up!

WaG- Karen chest pump


The energy in the pool was amazing… Good to see players who were absent at the end of last year back now… Coach Christi is all about the slide and making sure everyone both past and present are able to master all three versions


This is all part of this years focus on being AGGRESSIVE!!…

BiO- be agressive

No more PASSIVE Triggerbottoms… I mean Triggerfish anymore… sorry old habits die hard… We’re AGGRESSIVE TRIGGERFISH NOW!!… getting the ball and scoring on you at any given opportunity!…

Couple of highlights tonight… one being from Coach Christi explaining the options of when you’re attacking and there’s a defender dropping on the hole…

‘When they have committed that then opens up the hole!’… Michael Spatafora and I giggled… alas…

Sean Morman had a cracker when we were defending and periwinkle didn’t have a hole:

‘There’s NO HOLE… PRESS EVERYWHERE!’… All I imagined was a blind man having difficulty whilst having sex… A lot of flat palm pressing and trying to figure out where it was…

A quick chat with excited Coach Lawrence of the Guppies revealed that there were 32 Guppies down in the pool tonight and he was EXTREMELY pleased with their training… Over 40 minutes of scrimmage, with the focus being on the team that wasn’t playing were to watch the game to see if they could call any fouls, kick outs or turnovers!…  Also plenty of people mixed up their positions and played in positions they were not used to, such as goalie, hole and hole check (pit/pit defenders)…

7.30 flew around and it was time to get out… You know there’s a lot of people at training if you have to queue for the shower… Lucky certified shower monitor Charles Pavia was on hand to handle the crowds and be the Line Bitch…

So a FANTABULOUS start to the new year! Look out International Gay Water Polo League…

A reminder that a new incentive attendance role will be starting next Friday!… think percentages, bar graphs, pie charts (mmmm pie) and venn diagrams…

Screen Shot 2013-01-13 at 21.49.52


Keep up the intensity Triggers!!!


DISCLAIMER: this is not the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish




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