Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 18/1/13

funny snowman

So that balmy weather last Friday was obviously unseasonal… considering that today seems to be the beginning of a blizzard thats going to hit Toronto, perhaps it wasn’t going to be the best night to start taking attendance… mmm no 15 triggers turned up!

I must admit, this week has been pretty uneventful for me… work is EXTREMELY slow and I think I’m giving into comfort eating which is a HUGE mistake!

deuce bigalow- did you say steak

With an earlier start than usual there was bound to be some victims… victim number 1: Jake, turning up at 9:34 but in the water by 9:40!


Coach Christi was gung ho today!! The Triggerfish are working on a new offence-defense training regime… shame the rest of the International Water Polo League will have to wait till OutGames to figure out what we’ve been up to…

Plenty of swimming drills to warm up sliding, long arm dribbling and quick choppy turnover… then onto sliding practice and then into shooting and short length scrimmage 🙂

NOW ONTO MY NEW AND EXCITING PUSH FOR INCREASED ATTENDANCE!!… The following people are currently on 100%

Triggerfish Friday 18/1
Bernhard 100%
Brandon 100%
Christie 100%
Craig 100%
Greg 100%
Jake 100%
Lawrence 100%
Michael S 100%
Ming  100%
Mo 100%
Patty 100%
Rob 100%
Steven 100%
Tai 100%

water polo


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