Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 20/1/13

UH MA GERD!!! UMG!!! (A variation on the very successful OMG but said with more of a geeky teenage girl voice with thick rimmed glasses OR a complete ditz)



An amazing 44 triggers were in the water tonight ready to battle it out for House League glory.  Team 1 was led by Captain Jake, Team 2 Captain Mo and Team 3 Captain Daniel…. Team 3 actually ended up with 20 people on their team!



Greg, you are being issued with a fine for inappropriate swimwear for House League. Yes yes, I know you forgot to bring your bathers so you had to borrow someone else’s but you should know that the mid thigh cut throws your body proportions off, not to mention that red is perhaps not an appropriate colour for your skin tone!…

House League was jam packed with amazing goals and penalties… Sooooo many penalties tonight! What are you people doing major fouling within 2m or is it great work on the people drawing majors? hrmmmms ponder on that!…

Coach Christi also was not taking any sh*t! a quick break in play to express herself elicited a comment from Adam of ‘and that my friends comes with a three finger snap in the shape of a ‘Z’ and AROUND the world we travel!’… take it away Nicole Scherzinger

x factor xyz

A quick community announcement… Before coming to House League please ensure you have clipped your nails… Here are some examples of inappropriate nails for water polo

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 22.18.52

And under NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER are you to apply Crit-al Gel to your nails! I don’t care if ‘its the best thing you can have for your nail, make it look nice and sparkle like diamond in the sky’… NO CRIT-AL GEL!!!

That is all…

Attendance Chart now!… Good to see some people getting their first attendance notched up 🙂 HAZAH!

Triggerfish Attendance %
Bernhard 100%
Brandon 100%
Christie 100%
Greg 100%
Jake 100%
Lawrence 100%
Ming 100%
Mo 100%
Rob 100%
Tai 100%
Raf 100%
Claire 50%
Craig 50%
Daniel 50%
Graham 50%
James 50%
Jerry 50%
Jonathan 50%
Michael S 50%
Nathan 50%
Patty 50%
Sean 50%
Steven 50%



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