6 Tips for n STI Test- I was NOT expecting that

So I’ve started blogging for CrewMagazine and sometimes my ideas don’t get published so I figured the ideas that don’t get the thumbs up I can then use on my blog.  Here is the first 🙂 ‘6 Tips for n STI Test- I was NOT expecting that’

Part of being a responsible gay man is making sure you get tested regularly for those nasty infections that you might catch downstairs.  Having recently gone for my regular check (I, add I am symptom free) here are 5 tips to bare in mind.

1) Stay away from the following foods beforehand
– beans
– curry
– dairy, especially if lactose intolerant
– prunes
– asparagus
– chipotle
Screen Shot 2013-01-27 at 18.37.01
2) Go to the toilet at a minimum, 1.5 hours before your test.
3) As a general rule blood is bad and is no joking matter.  Unless you ate beets recently then you can relax
sailor moon shock
4) Remember one dot is what you want to see.  Funny, no matter how careful or confident you are regarding your status those 3 seconds whilst you both are peering into that little pool of solution always make you feel nervous
5) Exhaling will generally relax muscles when having a rectal
6) Once you come out and your results are negative then tell all those STI’s to…
WaG- Suck on it
Stay safe and have fun!



One response to “6 Tips for n STI Test- I was NOT expecting that

  1. Loved this post! Very fun and informative. Its great to see someone writing about STI checks in a humorous way! It helps to get rid of the negative stigma surround STI checks and encourage people to get them regularly. Our site aims to talk about all things sex in a funny way that won’t make you fall asleep!

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