Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 25/1/13 and 27/1/13

Apologies for not putting up a training report on Friday night but life got hard and took an unexpected turn on Friday and I wasn’t feeling in the mood to blog.  Have no fear regarding the attendance chart because I still marked all of you who were there on Friday.  In a nutshell Friday the 25/1/13 training was attended by 21 Triggers and we played water polo!… There! 😀

Tonight was literally THE BEST PRACTICE EVERRRRRR!!!!!… To begin with I have SIX words for you TANNED, TONED, BRAZILIAN NATIONAL WATERPOLO PLAYERS!! I walked into the change room to find Carl moving very slowly…

‘hey Carl!’… no response let alone any sign of recognition… ‘hellloooo!!’
‘Oh hey Ming’…
‘finally, whats going… oh!!!’… I don’t remember much more for the next period of time… but I woke up and noticed a sabovski crystal on my wrist and was like ‘okay’ (If you have no idea what thats in reference to watch this)
after 30s of staring I also realised that George was getting changed…
‘oh hey George, sorry didn’t realise you were here’
‘don’t worry’ he replied ‘completely understandable’

Surprisingly its hard to find a picture of the Brazilian National Water Polo team so here’s just a picture of some hot Brazilians…


Tonight’s practice was focussing on the hole… I groaned and expressed my dislike to Rob… ‘I hate the hole! I just don’t know what to do in it!’ (NO SNIGGERING!)… Rob looked at me with a sympathetic face and exclaimed ‘I know riiight!’… I continued by saying ‘I feel like the pretty decoy when I’m in the hole, don’t really know what to do, just filling the position, don’t ever pass the ball to me’… seemed like all those feelings weren’t gonna matter today… HOLE TRAINING FOR EVERYBODY!!!

We worked on sealing whilst in the hole, the spin and seal and finally scoring once in a good body position.  Tonights training couldn’t have gone to plan any better for Coach Christi.  It seemed like everyone brought their listening ears and their game brains.  So much GOOD work was happening in the water! Coach Christi was soooo happy I’m pretty sure she wanted to do a happy dance!!

beyonce- bow legs

Special mention must go to Jerry, Rob and Nathan all for terrific shots on goal and especially for their implementation of training techniques we’d been working on.  20 minutes of constant scrimmage meant that a tired 18 Competitive Triggers were bound to sleep well tonight!…

A few public announcements for upcoming weeks…


Tell your friends its on Sunday the 3rd of February at U of T Aquatic Centre 7pm till 9pm… Bring bathers and a towel (der!)… head to the website for more details… Here are some suitable swimwear options…

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 01.13.50

Especially the Armani Spring/Summer 2011 onesie!!!… I only joke… In all honesty wear what you feel comfortable in.  We all understand it can be very intimidating to wear a speedo and please DON’T FOR ONE MINUTE think that we’re a bunch of superficial people who only care about single digit body fat percentages because WE’RE NOT! and I’m being dead serious… We hope to see as many fresh eager new faces as possible! Experienced Triggers make sure you make an effort to be super friendly with the newbies, it doesn’t take much to say hi! Its only one syllable… ni hao is 2 and konnichiwa is 4! So count yourselves lucky we speak English!

Oh and quickly THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE SWIM WEAR ATTIRE… the Bodyaware Shaped Rubber Backless Sheath!

‘A perfectly proportioned sheath that encases your manly triumvirate in latex paradise. Our sheath is hand made by artisans in Germany and is moulded and anatomically correct with a flange around the outside for easier wear. Made of medium gauge latex (0.35mm)’


Attendance Time (Friday 18/1 till Sunday 27/1!

Triggerfish Attendance %
Christie 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
Lawrence 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Rob 100.00%
Tai 100.00%
Bernhard 75.00%
Charles 75.00%
Claire 75.00%
Craig 75.00%
Daniel G 75.00%
Greg 75.00%
Jerry 75.00%
Michael S 75.00%
Nathan 75.00%
Sean 75.00%
Steven 75.00%
Brandon 50.00%
Dillon 50.00%
Graham 50.00%
James 50.00%
Mo 50.00%
Patty 50.00%
Raf 50.00%
Daniel B 25.00%
Jonathan 25.00%

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish


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