Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 10/2/13

A massive turn out today for an earlier training session at U of T… There was a lot happening around the pool even before  people jumped in.  It was great to see Coach Lawrence schooling his new group of Guppies at chalk talk which started at 6, in the equipment room Nathan was meeting with his Polo Palooza committee and on the far side of the pool there were serious talks happening with the executive…

Unfortunately for Claire and I, we were not important enough to be involved with either of these groups instead I was explaining to Claire how I can’t do ab exercises without a top on in public because my back keeps on making ‘fart noises’… this was only further confirmed when Adam and Jake came and joined us and concurred…

6.30 rocked around and it was time to take the plunge.  I don’t know how many people were in the rec and guppy pool but from my attendance taking I counted 27 competitive triggers!… NOT TO FORGET our new graduates from Rec, so a very warm welcome to Adam, Carl, John and Nathan C!! 😀 aaaaaaand even more exciting a new female player Carly, welcome!!… Yay Claire another woman!! 😀

Coach Christy was on pool deck and ready to whip us into shape! A few warm up laps and then it was into some partner work for passing drills and then working on playing hole and spinning to get the upper hand.  This was then reversed  and the focus was on hole check and doing a ‘mirror spin’ to counterattack your spinning hole! Its pretty much poetry in motion when done properly!…

Into a new drill putting into practice what we had just worked on, the only problem was trying to calm peoples’ eagerness! Coach Christy instructed that there would be 2 people who were fighting for possession, the ball would be passed over their heads, ONLY WHEN the passer had said GO! were they to turn around and fight for possession till the death…

– Tai, Jerry and John seemed to be eager beavers sometimes forgetting to wait for the GO!
– Craig had a bit of trouble understanding what was going on and asked Tai when was meant  to go which Tai replied ‘When the passer says Go!’ Craig replied ‘who?’… ‘the passer’… ‘who’s passion!?’… #lostintranslation

Into 35 minutes of scrimmage and it was 8pm!… Phew!… Shower and home or out!

Some sad news, Ian Shaw (Triggerfish Rec Rep) will be leaving Toronto to rediscover Wanderlust!… Ian, we wish you all the best and are well jeal of your travel plans to Mardi Gras in Sydney not to mention your eventual move to London and will most likely reunite with Triggerfish Scott McVittie and my waterpolo birth mothers the London Orca!  Can’t wait to reunite with you in Antwerp… no questions asked…

ATTENDANCE TIME!! Where do you stand!?

Triggerfish Attendance %
Charles 100.00%
Christie 100.00%
Claire 100.00%
Craig 100.00%
Greg 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
James 100.00%
Jerry 100.00%
Lawrence 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Nathan 100.00%
Rob 100.00%
Sean 100.00%
Steven 100.00%
Tai 100.00%
Brandon 66.67%
Daniel G 66.67%
Dillon 66.67%
Jonathan 66.67%
Michael S 66.67%
Raf 66.67%
Adam 33.33%
Bernhard 33.33%
Carl 33.33%
Carly 33.33%
Daniel B 33.33%
John 33.33%
Mark 33.33%
Nathan C 33.33%
Paddy 33.33%

Fishfood out tomorrow!! Keep an eye out in your inboxes there is a butt load of information coming and changes which will most likely effect everyone!!


DISCLAIMER: This is not the official blog of the Toronto Triggerfish


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