Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 17/2/13

Have no fear competitive triggers even though no training report for Friday I did and didn’t take down your attendance for Friday the 15th.  I may also not be doing a very diligent job (according to Rick :P) of it but I am trying to :P… anyhoo Sunday’s training report!!..

There was change in the air tonight!… and plenty of whispering on pool deck about what was going to happen tonight!… people needed to pay attention!!

mwxsThank you Mr Ryan Carter for this gem of a .gif

People were allocated into one of four MIXED groups… newbies, guppies, rec and competitive… ALL MIXED TOGETHER! a MELANGE of skill!!! What FUN!!!…

Two groups would be scrimmaging whilst the other two would be doing passing and shooting drills… FANTASMIC water polo from everyone! a great opportunity to learn new players’ names and learn from each other.  A bit of a ring of fire… wait thats not right… whats that term when… BAPTISM of FIRE!!… erghs english is so hard!!… its ok, as they say practice makes light work!…

2 hours of an intense early practice meant it was time for all triggers to depart into the night and make the most of the remainder of the night and enjoy the long weekend!…

Remember the new format for training starts this week! All those effected have been emailed so make sure you remember to turn up to the right night for practice 😀

Remember the Polo Palooza committee are still looking for help to run the tournament… check your last FisFood on who to contact! 😀

Attendance Time!!

Triggerfish Attendance February
Charles 100.00%
Christie 100.00%
Claire 100.00%
Greg 100.00%
Lawrence 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Rob 100.00%
Craig 80.00%
Daniel G 80.00%
Dillon 80.00%
Jake 80.00%
Nathan D 80.00%
Rick 80.00%
Steven 80.00%
Tai 80.00%
Adam 60.00%
Brandon 60.00%
Carl 60.00%
James 60.00%
Jerry 60.00%
Jonathan 60.00%
Raf 60.00%
Sean 60.00%
Bernhard 40.00%
Daniel B 40.00%
Graham 40.00%
John 40.00%
Michael S 40.00%
Nathan C 40.00%
Carly 20.00%
John 20.00%
Mark 20.00%
Paddy 20.00%
Ryan B 20.00%

Melbourne SurgeHere are a few videos from other water polo teams around the world… anyone interested in doing one for us??

Gay Amsterdam



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