Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 25/2/13

Ok, so I know I’m late getting these up but better late than never…

Sunday training up at U of T… There’s still no sign that Winter is ending with another light dusting of fluffy snow which still gets me very excited!… A good turn out from all groups, guppies, intermediate, rec and competitive.  One soul which was noticeably missing…Coach Lawrence :(… we miss you Coach Lawrence and hope that you have a speedy recovery… and obviously will be back buffer seeming you’re on those roids :P…

An informal meeting regarding Antwerp OutGames was held before training to which the following points were made
– OutGames are from the 4th-11th August
– Flights are at least $1000 CAD
– Extra costs include ~$450 for accommodation (with London Orca and Paris AquaHomo), $75 for extra training sessions+EOI pay pal fee, ~$130 registration fee for OutGames… so keep all these extra costs in mind when making your decision if you’re coming
– The club will be having a ‘soft’ cap of sending 29 players, 2 teams. This may change depending on interest
– The 29 players will be chosen based on a first come first served basis which will be determined when the PayPal Expressions of Interest goes live, the first 29 to pay their $75 will be put on the ‘going’ list whilst anyone after will be on the wait list.
– Take home message: If you’re interested, get ready to pay your $75 when you receive the email to say that the PayPal option is available.  If you tried to get Beyonce Tickets this could be just as difficult 😛

Coach Christi was back on deck to improve our new and exciting move to break a press the ‘Slap, Push, Stop!’… With not everyone present at Friday’s practice it was a good opportunity for those who kinda knew what they were doing to try and teach someone the new move.  The group then split up into two groups…on one end we put in practice the ‘Slap, Push Stop’ and on the other side we did the ‘Sliiiiiiiide and SNAP!’… 40 minutes of scrimmage and it was over! Thank goodness! After a heavy night of drinking at James’ place I’m sure the pool water had a slight scent of ethanol to it…

spice girls stop


Back home to watch J Law win her Oscar for Best Fall in a Lead Role!

jennifer lawrence fall


At least it was only a small trip…


jennifer lawrence

Unlike this poor panda…
falling panda 2


Triggerfish February Attendance %
Christie 100%
Claire 100%
Greg 100%
Ming 100%
Rob 100%
Craig 86%
Jake 86%
Lawrence 86%
Steven 86%
Tai 86%
Adam 71%
Carl 71%
Charles 71%
Dillon 71%
Nathan D 71%
Rick 71%
Brandon 57%
Daniel G 57%
Graham 57%
James 57%
John 57%
Jonathan 57%
Michael S 57%
Nathan C 57%
Sean 57%
Jerry 43%
Raf 43%
Bernhard 29%
Daniel B 29%
John H 29%
Mark 29%
Paddy 29%
Carly 14%
Mo 14%
Ryan B 14%




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