Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 1/3/13

Today was my BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday to me! and thank you to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday it was much appreciated, in fact facebook has told me that over 130 of you gave me birthday well wishes!! awwwwwwww 🙂



Just kidding! I really do appreciate all the love, especially from those who I’ve only just met and helped me settle here in Toronto!

Anyhoo enough about me! back to training! 16 triggerfish decided to get their check marks for the new month of attendance and it was a tough night to get in the water.  Coach Christi was focussing on zoning and working on blocking your opponent. A few sets of intense leg work, working our core, side to side and front to back definitely made sure that anyone who had eaten before they came was feeling a lil bit queasy.  Then into some long passing and drill work.

Due to Coach Christi being overly happy and enthused last week and forgetting to give us time to scrimmage she made up for it today with 18 minutes of intense short width scrimmage with no subs for team blue and one sub for team white!… Plenty of good work happening in the water, people setting the hole strongly, people creating space and sliding and making new lanes, people trying to slap push and stop! EVERYTHING IS SLOWLY COMING TOGETHER!!… Definitely a tough workout and one to be proud of if you made it down… by the end I was done!

– Super lovely to have Coach Lawrence back after being away last week.
– Also Rob Cummings is now out of the running to have an unblemished yearly attendance record
– Tomorrow Coach Christi, James and Daniel G are all playing for the Mavericks
– Rob and I are holding our Gone With the Wind Fabulous Birthday Bash at Get Well on Dundas and Ossington from 9:30 onwards if anyone is interested in coming 😛
– The time to express your interest and commit to Antwerp is happening on the Triggerfish website at 7pm on Monday so get ready!
– Also you will notice that there has been more activity on the Facebook group and thats thanks to Ken T, Greg and Dillon who are doing an amazing job of increasing our social network presence.  Please LIKE the facebook page if you haven’t done so already and FOLLOW the triggerfish on twitter!!
– If you don’t currently receive FishFood please email me and I will personally add you to the list…

Enough is enough!






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