Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 10/3/13

Warning: This training report is somewhat boring…

An early practice today for Sunday, the FIRST day of daylight savings for 2013 and it seemed like it didn’t phase any triggers.  A combined training session with guppies and rec on one side of the pool and competitive on the other.  I didn’t realise but Coach Lawrence actually takes attendance too.  His iPad has a fancy app which allows him to log what time people arrive when they arrive! SHAMAZING! I feel out asianed by him… but as he pointed out I could probably come up with a better app if I used my brain…. IF i used my brain.

Coach Christi was on a mission to tire us out as much as possible before we hit scrimmage.. it was probably the most swimming we’ve ever done this year!!… The competitive group was split in two and we focussed on finding a new lane to shoot from 7 or pass-repass into the hole.  After 20 minutes of drills it was into a long HARD 35 minutes of scrimmage!… Tonight’s scrimmage seemed to have a different feel… the intensity was high and a lot of hard fighting for the ball and swimming back and forth was done… by the end of the 35 minutes I was definitely happy to hear that final whistle!

6 WEEKS TILL POLO PALOOZA!! That’s ALL!!! If you haven’t registered THEN REGISTER!! If you have THEN TRAIN HARD THESE NEXT 6 WEEKS!!!…


Attendance Time..

Triggerfish march attendance
Carl 100.00%
Charles 100.00%
Christie 100.00%
Greg 100.00%
Hassan 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
Lawrence 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Sean 100.00%
Dillon 75.00%
Graham 75.00%
Jerry 75.00%
Michael S 75.00%
Mo 75.00%
Nathan D 75.00%
Steven 75.00%
Adam 50.00%
Bernhard 50.00%
Claire 50.00%
Craig 50.00%
Daniel G 50.00%
John H 50.00%
Mark 50.00%
Raf 50.00%
Rick 50.00%
Tai 50.00%
Brandon 25.00%
Daniel B 25.00%
James 25.00%
Jonathan 25.00%
Paddy 25.00%
Rob 25.00%






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