Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 31/3/13

OMG I just realised today’s date is palindromic!!! :D… snaps!!… happy easter one and all… regardless if you’re a fan of the great JC you can’t not love easter because easter is about chocolate and eggs so if you have a sweet tooth you win and if you’re all about watching your figure then eggs are high in protein!! snaps snaps snaps!!



Tonight was the last House League for the month of March and there were plenty of people in attendance despite it being the Easter long weekend.  Plenty of cheering and support given to all three teams.  Its great to see the skills that we’re working on in training being put into practice and I’m sure Coach Christi is glad to see that too!… Lovely to see Mo back after his asian holiday to the Pi-la-peens and Hong-Kong! Tanned and luscious!…


With Polo Palooza only a month away make sure you get down to training as much as possible in April… the competition season is just getting started people so if there was any time to start getting into your polo the time is NOW!!!


Congratulations to the following people for an UNBLEMISHED attendance record!

Carl, Coach Christi, Greg, Jake, Coach Lawrence and Me!

You win… win… YOU WIN!!!

oprah- you get a car audience2



Triggerfish march attendance
Carl 100.00%
Christie 100.00%
Greg 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
Lawrence 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Charles 88.89%
Jerry 88.89%
Sean 88.89%
Steven 88.89%
Dillon 77.78%
Adam 66.67%
Claire 66.67%
Graham 66.67%
Michael S 66.67%
Nathan D 66.67%
Raf 66.67%
Rob 66.67%
Tai 66.67%
Hassan 55.56%
Craig 44.44%
John H 44.44%
Jonathan 44.44%
Mo 44.44%
Bernhard 33.33%
Daniel G 33.33%
Brandon 22.22%
James 22.22%
Mark 22.22%
Nathan C 22.22%
Paddy 22.22%
Rick 22.22%
Daniel B 11.11%



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