Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 14/3/13

Literally 2 weeks till Polo Palooza so House League was a DEFINITE must for majority of us… it seems like some of the trash talking is already starting from our friends across the pond, London Orca… all friendly though!  They report being primed and ready, we assume that is for playing water polo but then again being my water polo mothers I know they’re primed and ready for the antics out of the pool 😉

It was great to see so many people down tonight considering the DRAMA of some members being stuck in an elevator for 2 hours the night before with a full bladder… I guess they’re lucky nothing



Great to see George and Graham back along with some other new faces who I don’t know… errr so shemh!… jokes!


Plenty of drama in the water, James getting his nose kicked (I guess thats what happens when you swim close to someone’s face)


Jake and Daniel fighting it out which led to a few of these reactions




and some amazing goals from both competitive, rec and guppies which I’m sure some people wanted to get out of the pool and do this…


well, maybe just me!

Anyway after 2 hours of scrimmaging that was Sunday done.  The Triggerfish are the current reigning champions of Polo Palooza and you better believe that we’re not going to just give up the title that easily! So to all you other teams coming in 2 weeks, here’s a message for you..


Cause otherwise we’re gonna



Just because I haven’t blogged in a while doesn’t mean I’m still not taking attendance… here are the percentages for April so far

Triggerfish April attendance
Adam 100.00%
Carl 100.00%
Charles 100.00%
Christie 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Rob 100.00%
Steven 100.00%
Brandon 75.00%
Claire 75.00%
George 75.00%
Graham 75.00%
Greg 75.00%
Jake 75.00%
Lawrence 75.00%
Michael S 75.00%
Raf 75.00%
Bernhard 50.00%
Daniel G 50.00%
James 50.00%
Jerry 50.00%
Jonathan 50.00%
Mo 50.00%
Nathan C 50.00%
Nathan D 50.00%
Daniel B 25.00%
Graham C 25.00%
Hassan 25.00%
John H 25.00%
Mark 25.00%
Sean 25.00%
Tai 25.00%
Rick 25.00%

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