Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 19/4/13

My my my! what a GREAT turn out tonight for training!!… Seems like everyone is buzzing about Polo Palooza: Ocean’s 11 which is literally happening next week… in fact this time next week 2 games would have already been played between the 4 Toronto Teams!

Tonight a total of 26 competitive took to the water to get that last minute splash before the tournament begins next week and we’re in it to WIN IT!!

With talk about the players who are coming from near and far it will be interesting to see what the wind brings! Will we be delighted to see the other teams?



or will it be more like this?



Either way its bound to be a great competition! Both in and OUT of the water!

Looking forward to a great weekend of, as London Orca like to call it ‘Champagne Water polo’

Attendance Time!

Triggerfish April attendance
Carl 100.00%
Charles 100.00%
Christie 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Rob 100.00%
Steven 100.00%
Adam 80.00%
Brandon 80.00%
Claire 80.00%
Greg 80.00%
Jake 80.00%
Lawrence 80.00%
Michael S 80.00%
Bernhard 60.00%
Daniel G 60.00%
George 60.00%
Graham 60.00%
James 60.00%
Jerry 60.00%
Jonathan 60.00%
Mo 60.00%
Nathan C 60.00%
Nathan D 60.00%
Raf 60.00%
Hassan 40.00%
John H 40.00%
Rick 40.00%
Rick 40.00%
Sean 40.00%
Tai 40.00%
Daniel B 20.00%
Graham C 20.00%
Mark 20.00%



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