Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 1/5/13

After a successful Polo Palooza there is no doubt that Tronno has established themselves as a water polo powerhouse.  Special thanks must go to Nathan and his team for their tireless efforts in coordinating such an event and making sure it ran as smoothly as a twinks bum!

Much focus was placed in the water but just as much focus was also diverted to out of the water.  There is a great amount of art to ‘werking’ it at a water polo tournament, my general motto is less is more… therefore instead of wearing shorts that come down to your knees, wear hot pants! If you’re worried about catching a foot fungas wear protective footwear like Adam’s lesbian communist marching boots.  If possible ensure you drop as many things as possible, triscuits, candies and your dignity to allow you to perform the Elle Woods scientifically proven manoeuvre the ‘bend and snap’.  It was great to see so many friends, families, babies and questionables up in the stands cheering the teams on, especially the triggerfish guppies who were playing in their first tournament.

London Orca definitely made a splash, establishing themselves as THE Apres Water Polo Club of the International Gay Champagne Water Polo League.  Not only bringing a team of 10 strong all the way from Europe, the boys also hosted a memorable after party with flowing fountains of Moet Champagne, delicious hand made burgers, and a venue to top all venues THE CASTLE which included 12 bedrooms, a pool room, a board room, sun room, the Virgin Mary, dress ups, and an education in religion (Friendship, Love, Grace, Circumcision, COUTURE). They also managed to only break 2 glasses that whole night!! Thank you London for your hospitality I’m sure people will be reminiscing about your party times in years to come… it was a SMASH!

As the saying goes ‘no rest for the wicked’ and the Tiggerfish were back in the water to continue their road to WOGA.  Coach Christi was absent… SAY WHAAAAA?? Which means I’M THE WINNER OF HAVING ATTENDED THE MOST NUMBER OF TRAINING SESSIONS IN A ROW THIS YEAR!! Wooooot! Where my people at? Where my people at?

A 600m warm up left many of us more sore and exhausted than before we jumped in but it was then into some passing, drills working on sealing the hole and strong finishes (which makes me think of a flourishing hand gesture) and then into 15 minutes of scrimmage.

Our first Wednesday training session finishing at 10pm! With Summer around the corner I am definitely ‘Paula Abdul Loving Everything’ about this new schedule.  In the showers/changerooms there was a lot of story sharing, hi pitched laughing, hand over mouth gasping and that was just me!…

Oh there was also a newbie from Sydney Australia, Josh! He just moved here 2 weeks ago and of course we made him feel welcomed with our traditional hazing rituals 😛 jokes!!

See you all on Sunday! And May attendance has BEGUN!

Triggerfish May attendance
Adam 100.00%
Brandon 100.00%
Carl 100.00%
Christie 100.00%
Claire 100.00%
Daniel G 100.00%
Dillon 100.00%
Graham 100.00%
Greg 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
James 100.00%
Jerry 100.00%
Josh 100.00%
Michael S 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Nathan C 100.00%
Nathan D 100.00%
Sean 100.00%
Steven 100.00%
Tai 100.00%
Tatum 100.00%



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