Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 5/5/13




So, surprisingly there were a lot of people down despite the first REAL spring patio weekend occurring this weekend.  The tell tell signs that people were catching some rays was evident in the locker room… honourable mention must go to Mark and Alex who looked like they were still wearing tops when they were in the water #itscalled SPF



Coach Christi was back today and ready to get us working.  A few laps of legs then into passing drills of groups of three then we were split into 2 groups one end working 2-4 slide and shoot, the other end working the hole and then into 23 minutes of scrimmage.  The feel on pool deck was kind of manic, people were definitely in a good mood but maybe slightly on the cooky side, its what happens when the sun comes out I guess.  SO MUCH VITAMIN D!!!!

Talk of the pool was James’ new swim wear, he claims he’s not used to wearing such wide trunks and prefers the slimmer higher bikini-esque cut… if you liked what you saw, the trunks that is, the brand is Funky Trunks.  Kurtis and myself have also sported a few pairs so if you want something colourful and different to match your true personality order a pair… I don’t work for them or get any commission so there isn’t any ulterior motive…

Anyhoo another newbie came down today, didn’t quite catch his name so he’s on the attendance list as ‘Hungarian Guy’…


Triggerfish May attendance
Adam 100.00%
Brandon 100.00%
Carl 100.00%
Charles 100.00%
Claire 100.00%
Dillon 100.00%
Greg 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
James 100.00%
Jerry 100.00%
Michael S 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Nathan C 100.00%
Nathan D 100.00%
Sean 100.00%
Steven 100.00%
Tai 100.00%
Christie 50.00%
Craig 50.00%
Daniel G 50.00%
Graham 50.00%
Hassan 50.00%
Hungarian Guy 50.00%
Jonathan 50.00%
Josh 50.00%
Lawrence 50.00%
Mark 50.00%
Mo 50.00%
Raf 50.00%
Rob 50.00%
Tatum 50.00%



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