Tronno Triggerfish Training Report 12/5/13

Happy Mothers/Mommas/Moms/Mums/Mahjas/Marms/Mommies/Mummies Day today!!!  I didn’t realise this but it was also Mothers Day back in Oz so luckily I Skyped Mrs Yao yesterday evening (her morning) to say ‘harlo!!’ Here is my mum at her finest enjoying the delight of receiving cereal as a Christmas present!


The Yao clan are coming to Toronto as of next Monday and it will be a year since I last saw them physically/tangibly!

Anyway enough about me!… Despite the horrid weather today… errr it was sub 10 degrees and it hailed… Plenty of Triggers showed up to put themselves through a gruelling 1.5 hour training.  Rob and I are were a bit worse for wear having completed Tough Mudder yesterday, 16kms of running up down the slopes of Mount St Louis, Moonstone with 21 army-esque obstacles sprinkled between and we have the bad tan lines and grazes to prove it… oh, sorry, not about me… *sigh*


Coach Christi was in perky peak form starting out with an endurance warm up for us with about 20 minutes on continuous swimming followed by ab tucking and turning then passing.  Focus was on the break-away and a lot of swimming cross pool meant we were definitely warmed up for scrimmage.

20 minutes of scrimmage which felt like 40 days and 40 nights but eventually 7:30 rocked around and it was shower time! :D… Plenty of great pointers given and lots of feedback! Maybe its just the asian in me but I definitely have this on going internal struggle of not wanting to disappoint anyone (let alone famirii… DON’T BRING SHAME TO FAMIRII NAME!) so getting pointers on how to be a better player is always important to me.

Lovely to see George back from Miami… ps HATE/LOATHE/WELL JEAL of all your Instagrams.  George came back with a lovely all over glow but also decided to pack some miserable weather to bring back too it seems.  Young Josh returned for his second practice in a row, which is great, considering the other 2 newbies that tried out in the past 2 weeks have not returned, hrrrmmmmssss…

With WOGA being the next big thing closed private training sessions are beginning as of tomorrow… oooOOoOooOOOOo!!

Here is to better weather


Triggerfish May attendance
Greg 100.00%
Jake 100.00%
James 100.00%
Jerry 100.00%
Ming 100.00%
Steven 100.00%
Adam 75.00%
Brandon 75.00%
Carl 75.00%
Charles 75.00%
Christie 75.00%
Craig 75.00%
Dillon 75.00%
Joshua 75.00%
Lawrence 75.00%
Michael S 75.00%
Mo 75.00%
Nathan C 75.00%
Nathan D 75.00%
Raf 75.00%
Rob 75.00%
Sean 75.00%
Tatum 75.00%
Bernhard 50.00%
Claire 50.00%
Daniel G 50.00%
Graham 50.00%
Hassan 50.00%
Jonathan 50.00%
Mark 50.00%
Tai 50.00%
George 25.00%
Graham C 25.00%
Hungarian Guy 25.00%



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